I Want To Play With You.

I want to play with you,

You are my old friend,

Our toys are old and treasurable.

Those times we have spent together playing were beautiful,

That’s what a friend said to the other friend,

When they met after few years.

They spent two hours playing.

Badminton, volleyball and cricket were the games played



The Most Pleased.

The most pleased is the man,

Who is always happy.

The most pleased is the boy,

Who doesn’t have to study for any tests.

Most pleased,

Is the dog,

Who always has biscuits and bones for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Most pleased,

Is God when he sees,

That his children are trying to do the best in this world of mud and slime.

Most pleased,

Is one’s self,

Which when happy,

Syncs with the his/her own inner core,

Achieves the best.



Funny That Your Nose Runs.

Funny that your nose runs,

It runs and runs and runs.

How many miles it has covered?

Is known only to God himself,

And the figures are humungous.

The slimy gooey thing which comes out,

Is simply unbelievable.

Will it ever stop?

I don’t think it ever would.

But it is truly and very funny,

That your nose runs,

And while it runs,

When you run short of handkerchiefs to wipe your nose with,

That’s when the things take an interesting turn.

Let’s see,

How much longer does it run.



An Elephant Wrote Me A Letter.

An elephant wrote me a letter.

He asked-“Do you remember me?

We met last summer.

It was great fun.

We had few bananas together.

Do you remember that morning?

The sun was very bright,

And everything seemed magical.

Few are such sunshines,

Which are ever lasting.

Now they have added a few enclosures,

In the zoo,

For the animals are new and of different species.

Do visit me again,

We shall play together,

With a much bigger ball.

I will trumpet aloud,

And say aloud- Hip-Hip-Hooray.

For all the fun to begin,

And for all the fun to remain,

I am waiting for your reply.

Your friend the elephant.” Adios!