The Kindness of A Flower.

The kindness of a flower,

Makes anyone smile.

Brings out the cheer in blossoms,

Lets the rhythm fly.

The kindness if flower,

Is genuine,

Hearty and bleautiful.

It is the kindness of the Lord,

That flowers have been existent forever,

Among us.




A New Flower.

A new flower says,

“I am new.

The leaves are green,

And my petals daisy blue.

I sing a song,

And do a jiggle dance,

While the sun is shining,

And I laugh.

I am new.

The dews on my self,

Have bathed me this morning.

Their coolness,

Has given me new hope,

I am new,

And in God’s love,

I shall forever be true.

Maybe unseen but anew.




Agony is much more than pain.

It’s more than displeasure.

It is that truth,

Which twists and turns one heart.

The internal pain which rips one’s heart out,

Is agony.

It is that pain,

Which can’t be subsided by giving a red, yellow or white rose.


Happens when one has nearly exhausted all of his/ her resources,

To heal or cure himself or herself.

But the only thing which can heal it is true love.

And the wait for it is truly agonizing.

If you are lucky enough then,

God’s love may touch your heart,

And remove all your agony.

Agony isn’t pain, displeasure or sadness.

It’s yourself,

But in pain, displeasure or sadness.