The Glory.

blue textile

The glory,

The power,

The ooh,

The aah,

Isn’t anything,

Without few basic things.

Health and money.


Nutritious Happening Of A Meal.

Nutritious Happening Of A Meal.

Nutritious happening of a meal,

Consists of celery, smoked chicken and honey.

My friend who is quite high up in the strata of power,

Loves it a lot.

He loves this hearty meal

And often sings along

And says “Oh M, my beloved let’s take a dance 💃with beautiful song”.

His beloved replies-“First let us finish our dinner,

Then we shall dance along,

The flute is with its master and the night🌙 is bright and found.

In the dawn of sun, I shall definitely come to you and sing.

For I love you the most, and rest is all in your arms.