Taking the Bus Somewhere Else.

Taking the bus somewhere else,

The boat began to rock.

The bus was on the boat.

Well it wasn’t a boat but a super-sized mega boat.

For the boat had been newly bought,

And the bus owner was anxious.

But the boat reached its destination,

And all heaved a sigh of relief.        

But what’s the fun in it?

Well the bus wasn’t a bus at all.

It was part of a tram which had been bought for the inter city tram project,

And if this part of the tram had not reached it’s destination properly then,

All would have gone waste.

So, when the part reached the city atlast,

All had cheered,

And within a week the tram was set up.

And the boat owner pledged never to take such subtle orders again.



The Man Asking For Peanuts.

Few days back, I was having some peanuts at a bus stand when the man asked me for a peanut.

I said-“What?!”

He said-“ Can I have some peanuts?”

I was taken aback.

He said that hadn’t had peanuts for more than thirty years, so suddenly he felt the need to eat some.

I told him-“There’s a peanut seller, selling peanuts just around the corner. You can buy the peanuts over there.”

“I know I can, but I want to you give me the peanuts.”

Hearing him speak these words I moved away from him, and started walking.Maybe he was nuts.

Then someone called my name and I turned around to see who it was.

It was the same man, who had asked me for peanuts.

I-“How do you know my name?”

Him-“I knew it!”

I-“Knew what?”

Him-“That you won’t recognize me.”

I-“Why should I recognize you?”

Him-“I am your old school friend. We studied in the same school for two years and you would have peanuts which I used to bring in my tiffin box.”

I-“And you wouldn’t give it to me. Just a mere two or three peanuts and the rest you would simply gobble up.”

Him-“You recognized me?”

I-“Oh! Yes.The moment you said can I have some peanuts, that scrawny voice of yours tingled the brain cells in my mind. I immediately thought –“Where had I heard this voice before?” I looked around and though you have grown up  be a grumpy looking man, your eyes and smile hasn’t changed much.”

Him-“So you recognized me and were playing a prank on me?”

I-“Meeting me after so many years, if you can play a prank on me, then I too can do so.”

His face fell down.

I-“Don’t worry old friend. I shall buy you a new pack of peanuts from the peanut seller.”

And thus, he cheered up a bit.

We had tea and peanuts, chatted for a while and then we got up on the bus, which we were supposed to do much earlier.

In long spaces of time, people don’t change much. Do they?



Walking Along The Road.

Walking along the road,

I saw the sun was shining brightly on the leaves of the roadside tree

Many were the trees which had luscious fruits on them.

There was an apple tree,

And the apples were shining in the hue of brightest tinge of red,

Which reminded me of my younger days.

Walking along the road,

I met a man whose bike had broken down,

And he was trying to kick start it.

I was waiting for my mother.

The man –“This damn won’t start. Can you help me?”

I-“I know nothing about bikes.Sorry.”

The man-“Oh! It’s alright.

By the way why are you standing here and where are you going?”

(I was pacing up and down the stretch of the road where Ma was supposed to meet me.”

I replied-“Towards the dam.”

“The dam?”

“Yes, there’s a fish seller nearby, who sells fresh water fish”

“Ah! He’s my brother.”        

“And today’s catch is huge. I can give you a lift if you want.”

“Thank you. But my mother would be coming along in a few minutes in her car,

So, we will go to the dam in the car.”

The man smiled and said- “Bye for now. If you don’t meet me at my brother’s shop,

Then know that I would have gone fishing.”

He went away on his bike.

Few minutes later Ma came, and both of us went to the fish shop.

It seemed that Tilo had gone fishing.



The First Word.

The first word,

Was the beginning of the sentence,

Which ended with a full stop.

It was not an “an”.

Not anything abnormal.

The word was “cake”.

Now how does a sentence begin with the word “cake?”.

In this way-“ Cake is my love. I love cakes.

Everyday I eat atleast four pieces of cakes.”

The first word “cake”,

Became the legend for him,

And he was remembered as the

Boy and man,

First words would always be “cake”.



A Fine Rainy Morning.

A fine rainy morning,

Makes the road wet and splashy.

It diversifies,

The economy and the ecology,

With people staying indoors,

While most children simply venture out,

To make most of the rains.

A fine rainy morning,

Is welcomed with long snoring sleep,

Then a sip of tea,

With hot bread and cold jam,

And a peek out of the window,

To simply acknowledge the situation,

And say,

“Yes, it is raining,

And the rains are beautiful,

Let’s have tea”.

A fine rainy morning………….