Side By Side As One.

Side by side as one,

We all walk on a route.

The day rolls for a time set together.

Side by side as one,

The night comes to.

Side by side as one,

The world moves to another level.

Side by side as one,

The wait begins,

Till time comes,

For everything to be beautiful and excellent.



Happy Birthday Lord Krishna.

Today is Krishna Janamasthami. Lord Krishna is my favourite God. He has been with me through out lifetimes. On this day, people celebrate by having prasad which consists of halwa curd, butter, milk, sugar candies and many other prasads.

Tomorrow the festival of dahi handi shall be celebrated.


The above image is courtesy of By Nvvchar – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4751951


On My Birthday.

On the table, my mother has lit a tea light candle, and on its side, she has decorated with red rose petals. A big ball has been placed on the table, and the ball is glowing full of lights.

Its my birthday and it is raining heavily.

Ma has made Seekh kebabs, Romali rotis, Afghani fried rice and Rooghan josh.

But my family is assured that very few of my friends would turn out in such heavy rains. I have invited all my friends and most of them are my childhood friends.

Once in a heavy pour, a friend had invited me, so naturally, we all went and played a lot of games and enjoyed a lot. Thinking such thoughts, nearly an hour went by. The outside is foggy.

I was hundred percent sure that nobody could turn up, for the rains were now lasing heavily.

I told Ma-“Ma let us cut the cake”.

Ma –“No, I think that your friends would definitely turn up. So, we shall wait.”

Then after five minutes the door bell rang.

I thought –“Who could it be?”

I took a glance outside and saw two raincoats.

Two of my old friends have turned up and they have waded the road, which was filled with rain water. Their raincoats were of dripping of water droplets. Ma gave them a towel.

Even after drying themselves, they were shivering due to cold.

The rain has now slowed down. Ma has given two bowls of hot soups to my friends.

More friends of mine have come. All the roads were completely waterlogged. One of my friends could not come. They all were bored in the rains. They told me a lot of things. I asked them if they were happy in their lives.

I will let you on a secret. They are not my friends, they are fairies, as in such heavy rains no normal person could travel even a kilometre, let alone reach someone else’s house.

I love them and they love me too.

By then we had finished cutting the cakes and ate the sumptuous buffet.

Do you know what gifts they had bought? Good books for me to read. I thanked them all for such wonderful gifts.

 Most of my friends are musicians. One of them plays the flute and another one is a drummer.

Others to are in the music business.

Just before they left, one of my friends asked me –that “what it would be if one walks in rhythm? I will give you two minutes to answer.”

Within half a minute, I replied-“It would be a dance.”

He replied-“Kudos.”

Ma packed nice and hot tiffins for them and gave them a pen each as a return gift.

It is day which I would never forget.



Something Divine.

Something Divine,

Often enraptures my heart.

It dances with the tunes,

In the bliss of my trust.

It speaks,

It says-“Be something which everyone can’t be,

Do the things,

Which are right and without lust.           

Something divine,

Says – “Be within yourself,

For it searches for the light,

And sings for the one,

Who is all and one”.