A Little Love.

A little love,

Takes you more than million miles at a stretch,

For it brings in much freshness and love is such a beautiful feeling that it bounds to keep you happy.

It is more fresher than a newly made food and more latest than the bestest song.

It is truly a miracle that we all are still in the happiness to be.



The Boy In The Park.

A big boy aged about sixteen years was roaming around the park when he found a small boy hiding in the bush.

That boy was aged about seven and was covered in green leaves.

The big boy fumbled up when he looked at him.

The little boy was holding a half eaten carrot.

They both kept on staring at each othersfor ten minutes when the big boy spoke at last?He asked-“What is your name?”

The little boy replied-“Greenie Thing.”

“What sort of name is that?” asked the big boy.

The boy replied -“That’s my name and I am from the world of greens.”

The big boy-“What world of greens?”

The little boy-“That’s where I live.”.

The big boy-“Where do you live?”

Greenie thing smiled and pointed towards his socks.

He said-“I live in your socks.”

The big boy-“In my socks? What do you mean?”

Greenie thing-“I live in the greens in your socks. You nearly trample me everyday and today I have come to visit you, but I got scared so I was hiding in your garden and you found me out.”

The big boy-“I don’t believe you.What green in my socks?”

Greenie thing-“The green where I live.You would find my green world located in it.”

The big boy-“In my socks? How can a boy live in anybody’s socks?”

Greenie thing-“Oh! But we can! We are the greens which sustains this world.”

The big boy-“Show me the greens in my socks.”

Greenie thing-“Aha! That’s a surprise.Tonight somebody would be visiting you.”

The big boy-“Who would be visiting me?”

Greenie thing-“That’s a surprise.Ain’t it Christmas?”

Saying so Greenie thing vanished.

The big boy was looking in that place where Greenie thing had vanished, when Greenie thing reappeared and said-“Don’t forget to hang your socks tonight.”