What A Beautiful Night.

What a beautiful night,

It is.

Is it?

Ask yourselves.

The weather is cold,

The days are mild.

The dew is frozen.

And the Christmas has just gone behind.

Be happy.


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The Beauty Of The Christmas Tree.

The beauty of the Christmas tree is,

That it is blessed by Jesus and by Santa himself.

It can hold all sorts of surprises,

Gifts, candies, prizes and much more.

If I had a Christmas tree,

It surely would have decorated with a lot of surprises.

Adios ! And Merry Christmas.


The Bells are already Jingling in the North Pole.

Tonight is Christmas, the happiest night of the year and Santa in his unique dress would travel across the world giving gifts to little children. So, the bells are already jingling in the North Pole and as soon as Santa takes off in his sleigh, beautiful and wonderful gifts are sure to appear for children. Sometimes we feel that as if we can hear the bells jingling and soon Santa would be here gifting us our precious and beloved gifts. If you get any gift from Santa, be sure to keep it a secret as Santa’s gifts are as rare as “whole year no school, only holidays.”

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Pineapple Candy.

Christmas is around and for that a new type of chocolate i.e. pineapple candy is being given for free with plum cakes. So, for a Kilogram of plum cake, you would get twenty pineapple candies free. But the downside of those candies are that they get stuck inside in your mouth and you will have a hard time getting those candies out of your teeth.

We bought a half kilogram plum cake and I exchanged a few of those pineapple candies for chocolate and strawberry flavoured ones. Next, I heard that with a set of Christmas decorations, a Santa’s cap and a toy was being given for free. After seeing all these, the only thought that came in my mind was, why doesn’t the shopkeeper reduce the cake’s and the Christmas decoration’s price instead of giving freebies?

The answer which came to me was that, Christmas was a time of giving gifts and a few candies with cake does look nice, so no harm done. All’s well that ends well.