Bad People Are Always Bad.

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Photo by Dom J on Pexels.com

Bad people are always bad. They harm, they make you detrimental, they make you think bad.

They are always.

Beaware of such bad people for they can always harm you.

But on the other and, if you become good, you can excel in life, do good things and be the happiest person in the world. It is an privilege to be excellent rather than being someone who is his harmed.




Being thankful in life

“Merci” means thank you in French. “Mercy” means to forgive. Whenever you find some happiness, some peace, even a iota of justice remember to say thankyou to that person who has helped you.

It is seldom that Lord has mercy on someone, for to receive his mercy we struggle and work hard everyday.



Stupid Thoughts.

Stupid thoughts have no place in this world.

To survive, you need to buck up and fight back, so that you can win against all odds.

Stupid thoughts are really dangerous for nothing is worse than stupidity.

Stupidity is a disease which encumbers the body and mind with something which is simply idiotic and full of ill knowledge.



When Idiots Disturb,

When idiots disturb,they themselves forget that they are idiots, good for nothing chaps are there specialization.

So, they like to harp on people’s energy and do only nonsense, which results in them disturbing others like hell.

if such idiots disturb, simply ignore them or ask them to simply leave.