It’s A Beautiful Morning.

It’s A Beautiful Morning.

It’s a beautiful morning,

The sun is shining,

The bread is baking,

The writers are writing.

And only the common man knows,

The happiness in it.



A Quick Glance Over The Mountain.

A quick glance over the Mountain,

Brought the sun on my horizon.

A new light shone,

In the dimensions renewed.

The birds which sang the song for the dew,

Asked God-“Please,Oh! Lord give is the protection, so that we can fly to our goal, without being stopped in anything by anyone.”

A quick glance over the mountains,

Brought the divine senses back to me.

It was just a glance,

But the its charm and brilliance,

Was unknown, unseen and very true.



Blue Sky And Potato Chips.

The blue sky and potato chips,

Make a wonderful combination.

The blue sky with the clouds,

Becomes the gazing destination,

While the potato reaches the stomach which becomes its destination.

The blue sky can be looked upon with amazement,

While the potato chips can be had with relish,

For they offer tanginess,

And beauty,

Which can only be appreciated by foodies.

The combination of the blue sky and potato chips is a magnificent thing,

It’s nature’s philosophy,

To keep everyone happy,

Full of nutrition,

And to learn to enjoy life.



An Elephant Wrote Me A Letter.

An elephant wrote me a letter.

He asked-“Do you remember me?

We met last summer.

It was great fun.

We had few bananas together.

Do you remember that morning?

The sun was very bright,

And everything seemed magical.

Few are such sunshines,

Which are ever lasting.

Now they have added a few enclosures,

In the zoo,

For the animals are new and of different species.

Do visit me again,

We shall play together,

With a much bigger ball.

I will trumpet aloud,

And say aloud- Hip-Hip-Hooray.

For all the fun to begin,

And for all the fun to remain,

I am waiting for your reply.

Your friend the elephant.” Adios!