A Smile To Be Happy ☺.

A smile 😃 to be happy,

🐒Has no price.

It is priceless😍.

Just like a glorious warm cup of coffee ☕,

It melts the heart.

Love is all.

Be happy🌈,

And always be bright.


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Beauty And Carnation.

Beauty and carnation,

Is combined together,

For beauty and prosperity.

Beauty and carnation,

Is made by the nature,

And crafted by God,

To give another gift to the humanity,

Which often loses itself,

But tries to wake up,

When the self and the realization calls them up.


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One Glimpse Of My Lord.

One glimpse of my lord,

Made me realize that He is the one,

Whom we all search after,

In everything.

First of in love.

In mobile phones,

In news,

In thoughts,

In greeneries,

In scenery,

In music,

In beauty,

In truthfulness,

In everything around us,

Yet, despite him being present,

Most of the times,

We miss him.