A Recipe To Be.

A recipe to be,

Needs to be prepared.

The necessary things have been bought and while waiting for the things to settle in,

A small sort of snack meant for the evening relishment has been prepared.

Now as the things have settled in,

There’s a new hope and spirit that it shall definitely be well.

And truly it has turned out to be so.



Sought A Referral.

Sought a referral,

For a food recipe,

That was mine.

The recipe was not unique,πŸ”πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ’πŸ’πŸž

But to make it early in the morning,

The stars dimmed in front of my eyes.

Well that’s a story written short.

The referral was not granted.


Well that’s how things go now,

And yet Ha Ha Ha.




Concepts need to be clear. If it is not, then you are going to fall into a big soup. Concepts are that book of life, which lead the rooster of life, understanding and professionality.

(a+b)2 Β = a2+2ab+b2 is a mathematical formula which we all learn in sixth standard. If the concept about this simple mathematical formula is not clear, then you won’t be to proceed in algebra.

When writing a book, an author has to have the storyline clear in his head, otherwise his/her book will end up in the jumble sale, in Antarctica. Many authors, writers struggle to get a clear vision of their writings, so they often take the help of pseudonymous writers and get the job done.

A chef while preparing his signature dish has the concept clear in his head. He has envisioned the dish and he knows what he wants to present to his patrons. If his concept, idea and thinking are not clear then he would end up making a disaster instead of a top notch dish.

Concept and conceptualization are two very vital part of human understanding and life.

If you have conceptualized a thing, then know that, it has to be clear in our mind, other wise you would have a lot of trouble moving ahead with it.

To begin with any idea, it is necessary for the maker to be in the know of it. Most conceptualized things end up in the bin. Others pick it up and move ahead in their lives.

Do give your bright and good ideas a try. Who knows maybe, it would turn into gold.



An Evening With A Beautiful Apple Pie.

Ma had made four apple pies. They were mouthwateringly beautiful. From the moment she took it out of the oven, I couldn’t control myself.

I kept on pleading with Ma.

Ma when shall we be having those pies?

Ma replied-“In thirty minutes.”

I- “Ma, can’t I have them now?”

Ma-“Let them cool a bit.”

I felt a bit let down and grumpily sat down on the sofa.

Then like a magician, Ma brought a big apple pie on a plate and placed it on the table.

“Ma is it for me?” I asked Ma. Ma replied-“Yes”.

You couldn’t have guessed my happiness as I had that apple pie.

That evening I didn’t do anything. Simply kept on thinking about apple pie.

That apple pie was everything to me and still is. It was scintillatingly beautiful.Ma has again promised to make some more apple pies very soon.



Fish and Bones.

Fish and bones are life long partners. While eating fish, we have to take extreme care that we don’t swallow up the bones, otherwise they may get stuck inside our throat and cause us a lot of β€œkhaa, khaa, whaa, whaaa”.

Fish is an essential food item. It is the source of iron, proteins, vitamins and other minerals which are very essential for the body. Big fishes have very fine small bones which are the main trouble makers.

The more the number of small bones, the tastier the fish is. We are Bengalis. Everyday in tiffin, lunch and dinner a Bengali must have fish. Though we don’t have fish that frequently, but we must and soon I hope that we would be able to.

My mother always tells me to chew up the bones without minding them much.

The work of eating the fish by separating the bones is extremely tedious and monotonous job. Most fishes have a back bone which can be directly removed, but it has small bones attached to it at its both sides.

 Few of the fishes are universal and are available everywhere. For example-Red snapper, Rohu, Catla catla, Hilsa, Promfret, Tuna, Prawns (small/medium and big), shrimp.

In few countires dried fish or preserved fish which are eaten with pickle and chutney have an important significance. Many African countries which have economic problems, there fish is a big source of food and protein, as they are more abundant and cheaper than eggs or chicken.

Bones are the main structure of the vertebrates. Fish is the most important, vital and abundantly available source of food available on earth. Bones often play an important role in marring our activity of having fish but man reigns supreme. He will have fish whether bones are stuck in his throat or not.

When you deep fry fish, it becomes crispy as any fried and crunchy chips and you can have it munchingly with bones with small fishes. Yesterday, I had Kajli fish, which is a small fish. Ma had made it deep fried with mustard paste and I could have it munchingly and happily.

Few famous Bengali fishes are Pabda, Golda chingdi, Ilish (Hilsa), Catla (Catla catla), Chittol, Tangra, Koi,Bhetki etc.etc.

Few fish preparations in Bengali are:- Pabada macher jhol, Illisher jhol, fish fry, fish cutlet, fish with mustard paste.

My maternal grandfather used to like Koi fish the most. This koi fish is not the same fish which is available in most countries. It’s a fresh water fish  and is very delicious to eat.

My mother is a great chef, even greater was her mother and fish tastes truly beautiful and great when Ma makes it for me.

Be happy and have fish sans bones.