When Thought.

Wreath, Flowers, Dahlias, Bloom, Blossom, Floral

When thought,

Do you see the time you used to spend behind?

When present,

Do you see the future?

While eating,

Do you see the food to be relished many days later?

It is your own thinking,

Which lets you be,

Often hampering,

Yet letting you live.

Be free.



An Apple From A Famous Orchard.

An apple from a famous orchard,

Bought at a price much less than the market price.

The reason for it is that the farm owner’s son recently got a boy child and in celebration the owner gave many apples for free.

It was a happy day for the farm owner and as well as for the buyers.

And those days continued for atleast a month.After that the farm owner became a little stingy.

But he dearly loved his grandchild.