A Piglet.

A piglet danced in the afternoon.

It was happy after a savoury bread.

The little girl had given it four pieces of a roti layered with butter.

The pig roamed about merrily,

Playing for sometime with the ball which the girl had got for it.

The girl got three more piglets for it to be friends with.

The piglet was named light and his friends were named pistachio, raisin and chips.

The first piglet was named Light because he had filled the little girl’s life with light and happiness.



A Dancing Puddle.

A dancing puddle,

In the middle of the street,

Was very happy.

For that day no one had bothered to take a splash in it.

The puddle was happy until the afternoon,

When suddenly a dog came and jumped in it twice.

The puddle felt disheartened,

It couldn’t believe its luck,

But no one disturbed it anymore,

So it remained calm and cool

And the next day the puddle was filled up.



A Tune Which Was Blue.

A tune which was blue,

Made an impression,

Though old, came to be true.

It was composed in three ways,

To render a new lookout through.

The end result was dynamic,

Like a rising wave splashing near its the shores,

And with a thunder the wave came to its conclusion again to rise though.

The tune which was blue,

Remained so.