Sun In The Mind.

Sun in the mind,

Has a big shine,

It is love of the heavens,

Where everything is fine.

For God the king,

Sees that everything goes well.

But he isn’t visible.

But the Sun is.

So the sun in the mind,

Seeks that happy time,

Of which we are the creator,

To the end point.



A Trip To The Airport.

A trip to the airport, many years back was a journey in marvel. We went by an taxi.

We bought visitor’s ticket for entry to the airport.

Then we had to go through security checking. We sat at a restaurant meant for the visitors.

At the restaurant we had cutlets, tea and sandwiches.

We went for a bit of window shopping at the shops and checked out the goodies. But we didn’t buy anything.

At those times much of the restrictions weren’t there.At first there weren’t any planes on the runway or to watch. Suddenly with a thunderous roar landed a Air France flight and then an Air Japan flight.

It was a delight to see those aeroplanes arrive.We saw the passengers getting down from the flights and on the whole it made our journey worthwhile.

While on our way back, we met a balloon seller standing outside the airport.

He asked us to buy two of his balloons.

We politely declined him.

Emotionally he said-“You folks come to the airport to watch the aeroplanes fly, my balloons too fly in the air but no one buys them.”

His outburst seemed a bit rational to me.I turned towards my parents and said-“Ma, Baba what he says is true.Please buy two balloons from him.”

We bought two balloons and the balloon seller seemed pleased with it and more than him I was very happy with the balloons and came home nearly dancing all way for to save those balloons my father took a taxi to get back home.

That was our journey to the airport.



Spinach And The Hard Work.

Last morning I bought spinach from the market.After coming home I handed over the bunch to my mother for it needed to be washed, cleaned and the spinach leaves need to be individually separated.

As I handed over the bunch, Ma told me-“Now what? The whole bunch needs to be cleaned and so forth.Who will do that? By simply handing over the bunch your work simply gets over.”

I kept quiet and went to my room.Soon Ma entered my room with a tray on which there were sandwiches and coffee.Ma had made them for me.Ma kept the tray on the table and as she was leaving I held Ma’s arms and said -“Ma please share the sandwiches and the coffee with me.”

Ma-“No, I bought these sandwiches for you.”

I-“Please Ma have the sandwiches with me.”

After a lot of pleading Ma said ” yes”.

As we sat down to have the sandwiches and the coffee. I said-“Ma sorry for the spinach. I will help you clean them.”

Ma patted my back and gave me a big kiss.

I think this how parents teach their children to share the workload.



A Bird And A Rose.

A bird and a rose,

The besties of old times,

Were having lunch in a restaurant when a little fairy asked them for help.

She needed to ride upon a feather to reach the land of breakfasts.

Immediately, bird gave her a feather and the rose a petal and soon enough the fairy could sail through the tough winds and reached the land of breakfasts.

But she wasn’t any usual fairy.

She was God in disguise.