Junping Up With Hurrah.

Jumping up with hurrah,

The boys found the glee.

The girls were very happy,

For all had beautiful tea.

Jumping up with hurrah,

They danced a lot,

For their was laughter all around.

Jumping up with hurray,

They all had ice creams,

It was an excellent day etched in their hearts forever.



Waiting For The Tram.

man riding on red and beige train

Waiting for the tram,

We saw a bird.

Its beak was blue in colour.

We were surprised.

The bird was unknown to us,

Yet it seemed to ask for few biscuits which I was holding in my hand.

I gave two biscuits to the bird.

The bird flew aeay.

While waiting for the tram,.

We had our meal.

The meal consisted of dosa, chutney and a sweet.

I couldn’t believe my luck, for as soon as we came out of the restaurant, the tram was approaching.

We got into the tram and came back home.



Friends On A Trip.

Friends on a trip,

Had great fun.

They had their picnics near a pond,

With the ducks swimming around.

The boys played games and went fishing.

The trip was for four days and as the trip nearly came to an end they met with a herd of elephants.

Seeing them they were in awe. For the elephants were truly majestic.

Their trip did end quite well.With cakes, pastries and celebrations.



Enjoyable Things.

brown cone with white sprinkled icing

Enjoyable things,

Are choco chips and ice creams.

Warm milk and marshmallows.

Enjoyable things,

Are marbles, balls and toys,

So are books and cars and

Flights and trains.

But most of all spending time with family is truly enjoyable.

For (true) family is the bondage, which keeps us bonded with heart, mind and soul.