It’s Day And It’s Night.

It’s day and it’s night,

The sun says-“Ah! My sunlight! Let me be happy,

Let me too play, I am small, let the morning stay.”

The night ain’t too happy, for it is too alone,

But what can be done?

Why don’t we sing a song.

It is better to be prosperous and shining,

Than being in dark.

The light shall bring out all goodness,

Diminishing eveything which leads us astray and apart.



Unclean Folks.

Unclean folks are the people who are mentally unclean.

They think garbage and rubbish.

Leading from heaven to earth there is no dearth of such nonsensical personalities.

It is truly a surprise that such folks do live on earth.

It’s quite easy to find them out.

And primary examples among them are liars, mischief mongerers and sheer bad folks who like to do nothing but cause harm.

Well they themselves are going deep in a trap.

Simply it’s a matter of time before they are punished or made to suffer.