Something Old.

Something old,

Turns up the strings,


Brings in coolness,

And one’s own might lets it ring.

The sound echoes,

It reverberates.

That old thing turns out to be your old bicycle,

Which is truly yours,

To the bottoms unfathomed and unseen.




Laugh For Long.


Laugh for long,

Don’t stop in between.

Then after sometime,

Laugh again.

When you feel rejuvenated,

Feel the feeling of happiness,

To the maximum,

And laugh,

In spirit.

Laughter makes us love all things which are lovable.




A Big And Beautiful Tree.

A big and beautiful tree ,

Was a sight to be beholden.

It held fruits of various colours,

Most were yellow and golden.

The big and beautiful tree,

Was a spot of happiness,

Of high cheer,

Freedom and strength.

The tree was an inspiration to all,

Yet it awaited light itself,

And still does.


The fairies have built up a secret house,

On the very top of the tree.

Phew! It is a challenge to be a big and beautiful tree.