While Searching.

While searching,

I found a pen,

A memory hidden in a den in the long lost memory lanes.

The pen was old and had faded,

The thought was a beautiful one where you could have fun and enjoy,

With ice cream and a game of bat and ball

While searching,

I found my hard work,

My ardent wishes hidden

And l have let them be,

For they are too old to be got for any desires.

Maybe asking Ma for a small ball or a toy,

For they create such a happenings of old times,

That they bring out your true self which is a child hidden inside you.



In Darkness.

In darkness,

Time comes to a standstill,

In love,

It brings pain.

It seeks refuge,

It pleads for a room,

It ain’t so beautiful,

As to deserve anything even further than the decreasing moon.

In darkness,

I think,

May we be blessed to overcome it

And to be with highness who presides over us with his mighty thoughts and powers which are quite mightier than they are thought to be known .