Reading Good Things.

Reading good things is always an excellent option, to excel in life.

To be excellent you must and should be full of good things to be true

So, always read good things and excel.

It is a good habit to read all good things. Very few people have that ability, but very few excel in life. So, don’t be idle be the best and do your utmost and the best.



Some People.

Some people,

Who call themselves big in life,

Are mostly not.

They say they eat pizza for lunch and burgers for dinner,

But they don’t.

Some people,

Now new,

Feel that they are old.

Some people,

Protest that they aren’t old,

But they truly are.

Some people,

Need flowers to be happy.

Some need cars

And some need love.

Very few think about what their self wants.



Writing A Bit.


Writing a bit,

Makes one tired,

As there is much to expect,

Much to say.

The words wait for someone to express their feelings.

Then when words flow,

Don’t stop,

Keep on writing and be happy.