I Am Amazed.

I am amazed,

That people still drink.

I am amazed,

That people still eat.

I am amazed,

That people feel the heat.

For in this age of digital activities,

Very few are the capabilities,

Which have not yet been displayed,

By the digital world and its gadgets.



The Elephants.

The elephants are fun to watch.

They are gentle,nice and great as animals.

To watch an elephant work is an privilege,

For elephants are the true protectors of the jungle.

They walk in a pack,

They look out for each other,

When they trumpet,

It sounds and feels as if the nature is calling out.

The elephants,

Are blessed by God himself,

For they are one nature’s best creation,

Till date.



The Tall Boy.

The tall boy went to school.

He excelled in his studies.

He participated in each and every game worth playing..

But being tall,

All thought that he felt awkward,

But to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t.

He felt happy,

And remained happier.

He passed his higher secondary examinations with the highest marks,

He became legendary as “The tall boy” forever.



A Big Tree And A Big Ground.

A big tree and a big ground are friends.

They laugh,

They loll,

They do rolly-polly together.

A big tree and a big ground are often seen together.

But none like the ones whom I am talking about.

They are near about excellent friends.

Just let them be alone,

So that tbey can remain happy forever and ever again.