A New Flower.

A new flower says,

“I am new.

The leaves are green,

And my petals daisy blue.

I sing a song,

And do a jiggle dance,

While the sun is shining,

And I laugh.

I am new.

The dews on my self,

Have bathed me this morning.

Their coolness,

Has given me new hope,

I am new,

And in God’s love,

I shall forever be true.

Maybe unseen but anew.



Happy Akshaya Tritiya.

Today 7th May 2019, is the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya.

People on this day venture for new projects and investments.

It falls on the third lunar day of Baishak month which begins in the month of April and it signifies unending, undiminishing prosperity, happiness and hope.

It’s a day of celebration, halpiness and of new beginnings. Women buy gold and silver jewellery on this day.

So, happy Akshaya Tritiya to all.




I came fourth in a contest and they gave me a bag of goodies, a consolation prize as an award.

I shared it with my mother, my father and with God.

They were very happy to see me win a prize even be it small, for in their eyes being first, second or third didn’t matter. Being fourth meant a proud fourth and I was happy to be.

Be happy with whatever you have and with whatever you can be.