A Gift.

A gift of time,

Is from a friend of mine.

It’s pure joy, radiance and happiness.

It’s the way to live,

To smile,

To prosper and to be.



Friends On A Trip.

Friends on a trip,

Had great fun.

They had their picnics near a pond,

With the ducks swimming around.

The boys played games and went fishing.

The trip was for four days and as the trip nearly came to an end they met with a herd of elephants.

Seeing them they were in awe. For the elephants were truly majestic.

Their trip did end quite well.With cakes, pastries and celebrations.



The Green Peas.

full frame f of green

The green peas are jumping up and down,

For my big friends have come.

They will be eating matar paneer and tawa pulao (an Indian vegetable amd bread),

Which Ma has made.

They come from a place which is nice and fair

And games are regularly played.

The green peas are asking to be made again,

Into fluffy kachoris (puffed fried bread).

Ma soon would be making them.

Our friends have requested Ma, Baba and me to,

And our friends would visit us again.

That time Ma would be making chana masala and tandoori roti.



Hi To My Friend.

Hi to my friend,

Who stays abroad,

He is a class apart.

We have spent a lot of time together in our childhood playing cricket and football.

He seldom writes back to me,

Not more than four times a year,

But he is one of my few best friends and my best and heartiest regards to him.

The memories of the past are a golden line across the whole of our lives,

The friendship cemented is unbreakable.

Though distance and time play a major role,

Both being hazardous components of physics,

Be it rain or anything else,

We shall be the golden friends forever and ever.



Blog, Poetry, Sun And The Mountain.

Sun And The Mountain.

The sun went up to the mountain,

It was very near to the peak,

The mountain told that,

“You are so near,

That I feel uncomfortable,

As you have not studied me.”

The Sun told,


I know each bit of you,

We are friends and foes forever,

As you are so cold and I am so hot.

I will make the snow melt into a stream.

It will flow down as a stream into a river,

And people will know about you.”

The mountain smiled,

As it would get rid of its extra burden,

The Sun went up and above and smiled to all.”