Greenery everywhere (A short view of the green Germany).

Have you ever seen greenery everywhere? Anywhere you look around and all you can see is greens and greens, filled with various trees of different sizes and shapes. Most of the people have seen such greenery in some place or the other at some time in their life.

Most of the countries around the world, have insufficient amount of plantation, greenery and forest cover in their territory.

Germany is a beautiful country.It is well known for tourism, for its history and for its progress in the economic world. But very few people acknowledge the fact that it is also a very green country. Its countryside is full with plantation and vegetation. If you ever get to travel in parts outside the main German cities or in rural Germany by bicycle, bike, car or bus, then you will be able to see lush greenery till the far, upto which your eyes can see. It is a country with beautiful bio-geographical habitation.

Travelling on the roads in the countryside is a memorable experience for anyone who loves natural beauty and nature. It is a country with a very high percentage of forest cover. It nearly reaches the amount of forest cover that a country should have. When I was in school, I had learned that it was nearly twenty-eight percent, but with recent geo-mapping techniques, that ratio has gone up.

If you ever want a change from city life and want to breathe in fresh air and do want to enjoy the country side then Germany is the best place to do so. If you ever visit Germany then make it a point to visit the country side and make the most of it.


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