I Want To Play With You.

I want to play with you,

You are my old friend,

Our toys are old and treasurable.

Those times we have spent together playing were beautiful,

That’s what a friend said to the other friend,

When they met after few years.

They spent two hours playing.

Badminton, volleyball and cricket were the games played



Ties – A Part Of Our Daily Life.

Ties are things of fancy existence.

Though in many facets of jobs and life,

One can see people wearing ties.

The fun begins when a person has to wear a tie as a part of his daily routine.

The process of mechanically tying a tie,

Is meticulous and enjoyable.

After wearing a tie for a day,

You can keep it in a ready to wear mode,

And wear it regularly,

Till the time the knots get disturbed.



A Yellow Book.

A yellow book,

Kept on a shelf,

In a bookstore,

Caught my attraction.

Immediately, I picked it up,

And read its summary.

The book had adventures, mystery, fantasy,

All mixed together in it.

I asked Ma to buy it for me,

And Ma did.

That book turned out to be wonderful,

Excellently written,

And made for childrens, teens and adults,

It was Ma who bought it for me,

And she has promised that she will buy me more books.



An Artifact In A Library.

An artifact in a library,

Caught everone’s attention,

It was of a boy,

Who while reading a book,

Thought of many things.

It inspired the readers to be more attentive

While reading their books,

And to lean into the meaning in whole.

For many just browse through a book,

Seldom reading it.