As And When.

As and when I reach you,

Calm your mind,

Do feel the breeze,

And stay with me.

As and when I reach you,

Beget happiness and be happy.😇😄

You see me in everything,

And yet I am unseen.

I am your friend,

The Great Old Wind.



An Artifact In A Library.

An artifact in a library,

Caught everone’s attention,

It was of a boy,

Who while reading a book,

Thought of many things.

It inspired the readers to be more attentive

While reading their books,

And to lean into the meaning in whole.

For many just browse through a book,

Seldom reading it.



A Buy in A Day.

A buy in a day,

Costed me Rs.8.

Those were four lemons,

Greenish-yellow in colour.

Now the costs have increased.

The vegetable vendor says-“No, no,

It’s not possible, the prices have increased by,


I replied-” You are crying for 4%?”

He kept quiet and superficially kept on managing,

Various vegetables.

What a sad man he was.

But on the other hand people have cried for less.