In The Twilight.

sunlight beaming on green trees

In the twilight,

We dream,

We think,

We ponder,

We feel.

In the twilight,

We see the eternity revolving,

To bring in new beginnings,

For we shall win,

As it is the best thing possible for us.



Cooling Your Mind.

Cooling your mind,

Ain’t a job for the airconditioners or fans.

It requires a cool temperament of the human soul.

Cool temperament comes from a human who is calm, quiet and peaceful.

Any being who is over excited would seldom have a cool mind.

You need to have a clear head and extreme patience to sail through the muds which cause all the day.

Cooling or calming your mind can be achieved by preseverance, yoga and happiness.



Tea@ Rs.8.

At a small restaurant day before yesterday (It was Baba’s birthday, i.e. Meher Baba’s), we had tea for Rs.8. When we had approached the tea stall owner and asked him that how much for a cup of tea, we had expected him to reply that –“thirty or forty rupees”.

When he replied eight rupees, we were more than shocked, surprised and felt that the gates of heaven had been opened again. It felt as if justice was prevailing upon Earth.

Who sells tea for eight rupees? Last we had tea for Rs.8 was six years back.

Still I can’t believe that a cup of tea is available@ Rs.8.

Wish that everything becomes as cheap as this tea.