Tea@ Rs.8.

At a small restaurant day before yesterday (It was Baba’s birthday, i.e. Meher Baba’s), we had tea for Rs.8. When we had approached the tea stall owner and asked him that how much for a cup of tea, we had expected him to reply that –“thirty or forty rupees”.

When he replied eight rupees, we were more than shocked, surprised and felt that the gates of heaven had been opened again. It felt as if justice was prevailing upon Earth.

Who sells tea for eight rupees? Last we had tea for Rs.8 was six years back.

Still I can’t believe that a cup of tea is available@ Rs.8.

Wish that everything becomes as cheap as this tea.



Passionate Desire.

Passion generally stems from love. Love is something which is not got easily from anybody or anything except from parents.

A person loves to draw, paint, sing, dance, etc. That’s his passion. Without passion a person often tumbles down the road or dries off like a flower which was without water for many days.

Any passionate desire arises from the fact that a particular “good” desire has yet not been got.

Suppose a batsman has been playing for his particular team for the past seven years, but till date he has never scored a double century. He always misses out near the 190-180 mark.

The passion in him to touch the 200 run score is a passionate desire. He will try his level best and if possible will even exceed that. With that a pray to God to make him successful.

A chef working at a well-known restaurant often tries to serve his best, but he too has his limitations. A passion burns in him to work in such an atmosphere where his creative rights are not crippled by the menu card.

It’s his most passionate desire to get a job in such a place where he can not only excel but get to know more and more about food and cooking it.

A teacher who is given the job of managing and teaching a class often feels suffocated in the bye laws and encumbrances of the syllabus. Many teachers often join colleges where despite a syllabus being marked by the university, professors have a free reign in teaching the subjects.

But very very few teachers get to teach the subject matter in which they excel. A teacher’s desire to teach a student who understands the subject at the same frequency as him/her and appreciates it, is the teacher’s passionate desire.

A person who likes to dance would want to show his/her skill to the world. It’s his/her passionate desire to do so. That person practices regularly, works hard and waits for the day when he/she can do it. With time the desire grows stronger and stronger.

Any person, who has a desire knows what it feels like when it is not fulfilled.

But with desires the problem is that there is always a saturation point where a person can either make it or break it.

If that person can make it then good otherwise he/she has to wait for the chance to come again.

When the fire of passion burns inside the heart, that shapes up a man or woman. Day after day it takes a form and the want increases. When it reaches it’s peak point at that time a person can excel in either having that desire fulfilled or in showing it to the world, but it only happens when the desire is within one’s reach.

It’s good to have a desire and if it’s a passionate desire try hard to achieve it provided that the desire is good.




Gestures are universally present. Humans can’t live without them.

In the morning when the school bus leaves, a parent waves bye to his/her little child and the little child also waves back.

After reaching school, that child before entering the classroom and says-“May I come in teacher?” In reply sometimes the teacher simply nods her head.

When a batsman is taking the stance to bat, he often signals with striking of the bat to the ground that he is ready to face the ball.

Sometimes it happens that the batsman asks the bowler to stop before he delivers the bowl. The ball if bowled, is signalled to be a dead ball.

While entering a building, most of the time, the security guard or supervisor salutes you or says-“Good morning sir or ma’am”.

When you take a wicket, you pump your fists in the air to celebrate the homecoming of the wicket.

In baseball when you complete a home run, all celebrate especially the player completing the home run with wide open arms.The whole team dances around and the team mates give fist bumps to each other.

In football, after scoring a goal, a footballers celebrate their goal in their unique styles.

When a traffic cop stops you whether he or she uses any gesture for stopping by showing the hand signal for stop, you understand their signals very well irrespective of anything.

While entering a restaurant, a staff member will always be present to welcome you. Sometime later the manager too would come to greet and ask you whether everything is alright or not.

When a train is about to leave a station, the guard of the train signals with the green flag, so that the train can go ahead.

At a credit card vendor in a mall, they use various techniques of asking you to come to subscribe to their credit cards. They even roam around with you asking you whether you use credit card or not, whether you would like to make the best of the offers which they have. Some even proclaim that credit cards are given on the spot without any documentation. Once you subscribe to such a card, you may use more than a thousand gestures but, you won’t be able to shake them off.

When your boss call you into his/her office, he/she simply gesture with their hand or head that you are wanted in the office.

When you want your mother or father to buy you anything, you would plead, keep on asking them for it, until and unless they buy it for you.

After drinking water from a water bottle, we often wipe our mouths with our hand.

After having a belly full of lunch or dinner we rub our hand over our tummy signalling that we are full to the brim.

When backing our car, a parking assistant often gestures with his hand that go a bit to this side or go a bit to that side.

So, humans are full of boatload of gestures. Given at any time, on any day, we all are consciously and unconsciously making gestures.



Auto With a White Hood and Blue Stripe.

Yesterday, I was gazing out of window and was looking into the infinitely vast flow of vehicles, when an Auto rickshaw with a white hood and a big blue stripe at its bottom caught my attention. Auto rickshaws come with a black hood and a big yellow stripe is painted across it.

But the auto which was running among other autos looked unique, pleasing and the colour combination went well with each other.

Such sightings become a memory which can never be diminished.

Be happy and happy sightings.



Spring The Season Of Happiness.

Ever seen the first light of a spring morning? It’s as soft as a baby, lulling and soothing to watch. When white birds fly across the sky, the vast expanse of the morning light looks even more beautiful.

The season of spring is a time for foods. Variety, variations and different types of food are had.

It’s a time for studies. The exams are often nearby

Flowers are in bloom. Birds chirp and make a lot of beautiful sounds. The bird Cuckoo coos and gets irritated if anybody imitates. On further provocation they get more and more angrier. They search for their mate.

On mango trees, mango buds start appearing. The tree “Palash” is in full bloom in Spring.

Bougainvillea plant, Pink Cassia, Pink Poui, Jacarandha trees are also full of flowers during this time.

Spring is a time for celebration, for joy, for dance, for colours, for festivities, for opening your heart to happiness so that you (including me) can and will remain happy forever and ever.

Let’s welcome with wide open arms, though already more than ten days have passed since Spring has begun and to ride through it, listen to your favourite songs, see your favourite movies, draw your favourite drawing and be super happy.

Be happy and happy Spring.

N.B. Lot of birds can be sighted during this season.