What Is Daucus carota?

Do you know what Daucus carota is?

The answer is Daucus carota is the scientific name of carrot.



Does Light Fall on Shadow?

Does light fall on shadow? Whenever light falls on something, a shadow is formed. Shadow is like a trail. Wherever you go, it is always with you. Yet if and only if sunlight falls on the human body or on any object, then shadows form, depending on the time of the day.

In evening or at night when street light or any other big source of light such as a car’s headlight or any such things, then also shadows form.

But the main point of thought is does light fall on any shadow?

Yes, it does as human eye is not able to perceive anything on which light doesn’t fall. The ability to see anything in complete darkness is something which bats can do. Humans would simply tumble and fall down.

So, to conclude the question that I asked here is “Does light fall on shadow?” The answer is a big yes.



What increases the Surface Area Of A Human Cell?

Human cells are the basic and main foundations of our human body and they are involved in anything and everything that goes on with our body?

So can you tell, what increases the surface area of a human cell?

Hint:-It has extremely tiny hair like structures.

To know the answer, you will have to wait for my next post.