Spring The Season Of Happiness.

Ever seen the first light of a spring morning? It’s as soft as a baby, lulling and soothing to watch. When white birds fly across the sky, the vast expanse of the morning light looks even more beautiful.

The season of spring is a time for foods. Variety, variations and different types of food are had.

It’s a time for studies. The exams are often nearby

Flowers are in bloom. Birds chirp and make a lot of beautiful sounds. The bird Cuckoo coos and gets irritated if anybody imitates. On further provocation they get more and more angrier. They search for their mate.

On mango trees, mango buds start appearing. The tree “Palash” is in full bloom in Spring.

Bougainvillea plant, Pink Cassia, Pink Poui, Jacarandha trees are also full of flowers during this time.

Spring is a time for celebration, for joy, for dance, for colours, for festivities, for opening your heart to happiness so that you (including me) can and will remain happy forever and ever.

Let’s welcome with wide open arms, though already more than ten days have passed since Spring has begun and to ride through it, listen to your favourite songs, see your favourite movies, draw your favourite drawing and be super happy.

Be happy and happy Spring.

N.B. Lot of birds can be sighted during this season.



A Little Prayer.

A prayer is a form of asking God to intervene and a method for us to connect with him.

A little prayer for the Sun to shine more brightly.

A little prayer for the plants in the garden, so that they grow nicely and healthily.

A little prayer for my friends in heaven, for they are always shining, glowing and are brilliantly awesome.

A little prayer for the birds which fly to the skies unknown.

A little prayer for the grasses to be greener.

A little prayer for the fruits to be juicier.

A little prayer for the novels to be merrier.

A little prayer for the cold February winds.

A little prayer for the pine cone trees which stand long in the coniferous forests.

A little prayer for the flute which sings.

A little prayer for the cough syrup to be sweeter.

A little prayer for the medicines to heal us faster and to taste nicer.

A little prayer for the tea to remain warmer for a longer duration.

A little prayer for the high cost movies, to be more cinematic and better.

A little prayer for better to be more better.

A little prayer for more better to be much more better.

A little prayer for much more better to be best.

A little prayer for best to be bestestest and the best of the best of the best.

A little prayer for excellence, to be beyond excellence.

A little prayer for beyond excellence to be beyond – beyond excellence.

A little prayer for the ocean water, so that it can be cleaner and healthier for us humans and for the aquatic beings too.

A little prayer for cleanliness, so that people remain and become aware of it.

A little prayer for softness, so that we all practice it our daily lives and in talks.

A little prayer for the cuckoo, so that it coos more beautifully.

A little prayer for a prayer so that it reaches God faster.

A little prayer for God, so that he stays happier, healthier, merrier and in the best of moods.

A little prayer for one and all.

A little prayer for the angels.

A little prayer for the archangels.

A little prayer for the guides who work relentlessly in heaven.

A little prayer for all good people.

A little prayer for North, West, East and South.

A little prayer for the doctors who treat.

A little prayer for the singer who sings.

A little prayer for the bread which comes in a loaf.

A little prayer for the pastry which is made in a bakery.

A little prayer for all the endangered animals and birds.

A little prayer for the road which leads.

A little prayer for the parrot which talks.

A little prayer for all the elephants.

A little prayer for the chef who cooks

A little prayer for the helper who helps.

A little prayer for the loans, to reduce the interest rates and for time extension in paying it back.

A little prayer for the world fuel prices to go down and down and down.

A little prayer for the painter who paints.

A little prayer for the soap which cleans.

A little prayer for the cold drinks which chills.

A little prayer for the healthy food which we eat.

A little bit more prayer for the junk food which we eat.

A little bit more prayer for the stomach troubles which we get.

A little bit more prayer for the ease of payment of the EMIs which one has to pay, as EMIs leave us with nothing but recurrent payments to the banks, which often keeps us high and dry.

A little prayer for increment in our salaries, dues and bonuses.

A little prayer for the betterment of the football matches, so that they become more exciting and atleast seven goals are scored by each side.

A little prayer for world travel, so that it gets easier.

A little prayer for the path upon which we walk.

A little prayer for derivation and integration, so that it comes within the grasp of the common man and woman and if possible by God’s grace, in the grasp students who need to understand it the most.

A little prayer for bats and balls.

A little prayer for the red robin who often brings good news and cheers.

A little prayer for cheer to be more cheerful.

A little prayer for destiny to be truthful and merciful.

A little prayer for illusion to be less illusional and may it lead us to the truth.

A little prayer for the piano.

A little prayer for jaggery to taste more natural.

A little prayer for milk, so that we all can drink it without long sour faces.

A little prayer for the onion to bring less tears to our eyes while cutting and chopping it up.

A little prayer for the bus, so that it comes quickly.

A little prayer for quick to be quicker.

A little prayer for a good song to be from heart.

A little prayer for the journeys so that they become shorter.

A little prayer for the teachers to be more kinder and be lenient in giving marks. Very few teachers are what teachers should be. Teaching is God’s boon. Very few can cultivate it, so there a very, very few teachers on Earth who truly are what teachers should be according to God.

A little prayer for the trees so that they stay and grow to be healthier trees.

A little prayer for the story books to become well written and to cost less.

A little prayer for we humans so that they remain within humanity.

A little prayer so that we remain happy and healthy.

A little prayer for happy so that it becomes happier and lives happily.

Finally, prayer whether it is more or little, when said by heart becomes a way to say our hearts out to God. But be very careful, as wrong prayers can be disastrous. It leads to fall of mind, peace and of everything from where it originates.

A prayer, if it reaches God, then it definitely was a prayer or a asking. Whether you get A or B or C as a result of that pray is completely upto God.

So pray and be happy!



Experiencing a Dream.

Dreams are a common feature in any child,man or woman.

In sleep, we all think, aspire and soar skies which we may or may not achieve.

A dream is something which is simply unimaginable, both thinkable and unthinkable and even good and bad.

Dreams, many psychologists and philosophers say that whatever occurs in our conscious mind throughout the day, especially if we worry/think or go in over drive over some matter then that is what is displayed as video/ audio or a series of images at a time when we are asleep in our beds by our sub conscious minds.

But in truth, psychologists or philosophers are unaware of ABC of sub conscious mind. To reach it, you have to be in sync with yourself.

Our brains at that time (when we are asleep) functions as a video subscription channel whose subscription control and its remote are in God’s hand.

Sometimes the remote changes hands and it maybe controlled by someone known or unknown to us.

God very clearly states that dreams are more meaningless than imaginations. I solemnly agree with him. Imaginations only work when we are kids or have a lot of dough. Common man can only hope that something good happens.

Dreams are a source of unknown treasure which in times of hope, happiness and despair can not only uplift a man, but can show him the past, present and the future.

Suppose a man likes cricket and one day he couldn’t watch his match as his boss had kept him busy. That whole evening he was grumpy and at night he went to bed grumpier as they only show highlights when the original match gets over.

Now see how beautiful is God’s grace, the time when that man goes into a premium deep sleep, at that time he dreams of that same cricket which he had missed and vividly dreams about it. When wakes up early in the morning, he is happy and freshened up. But the sad part is that he didn’t experience his dream.Only he became happy and felt uplifted after seeing that cricket match in his dream. This is a sort of happy dream.

But experiencing a dream is something which happens rarely.

Now one may say that it is not rare. But believe me, it is truly very very rare. It’s so because dreams barely touch reality. Reality is what happens when we are wide awake and rocking. Our sweats are proof of that. Dreams don’t have relation with hard work. On the other hand experiencing it is a far away reality and achievement.

In very much God’s truth, I am not a master of this topic. But what God says is true in each and every level. Be it the smallest of the small or the highest of high.

To experience a dream, a dream must be in sync with illusion. Illusion is that falsity which rules over everything under the sun and inside and above our heads. That’s why it is illusion.

But my friends in heaven are kings of it and over it.

To truly experience a dream you have to know how to walk over a petal of rose. I know the question arises that how can a human walk over a petal of rose? It’s impossible and unrealistic. But that’s how dreams are. The moment when you can walk over the petal of a rose then not only you can experience dreams but also have mastery over it.

The irony over here is that we all know that we can’t walk over a petal of rose, in the same way experiencing a dream is impossible to that very extent. But with God’s grace anything is possible. But walking over a petal of rose may simply just not be possible even with God’s grace. Dreams may signify something with reality but even that is meaningless and is like a balloon which will pop at some time or the other.

When any dream occurs, the funniest thing is that we are same with that dream. Whatever happens in that dream, it is very much true and real for us. Sometimes dreams paradoxes reality and vice versa. You may even drive a car upside down in a dream and may even think that it is the right way to drive. You may dream that you have become the highest paid star of the century and in your dream, you are awarded with the “best actors award”, you get an overwhelming applause, people congratulate you, the tabloids write marvelous articles about you and a big hot shot director has signed a big film with you and you are extremely happy . At that moment you feel that someone is jerking you and loudly calling out your name. Slowly your eyes and mind turns toward the source of voice and jerking and you see that your wife is trying to wake you up as you are already late for your office. All that stardom, awards and the tabloid fame has already gone down the drain.

In gist about experiencing dreams, we all know how babies laugh. By God’s grace and blessings you see a baby laughing in your dreams and soon after that a small baby is born to you and you see your own baby laugh. That’s when you see and truly experience your dream.

Best of luck. See if you have that lifetime experience of experiencing your dream, but don’t get trapped in illusion. Though nothing is without illusion.

Simply see the paradox. We are not without illusion and illusion is not without us. But we have that inbuilt grace from God that we can be on the same level with it. But that only a fewest of the few can do.



God’s Compassion.

“God’s compassion” is a phrase which we don’t hear often.It’s taken for granted.

It is love on which human relationships are based, but to be compassionate is a very special quality which very few have.

Many say that they exercise compassion, that they are sympathetic, but in the way of expressing their compassion and sympathy, their self-created big fat ego stands as a dividing wall and it becomes a ever revolving ball of ignorance and arrogance.

Compassion is a store of energy which only God has in his bag of love and Godliness.

Love has and is a huge source of energy. Their is no dearth of it. But being truly compassionate is quite limited in humans.

God is the true master of compassion. His compassion is limitless, infinite and is highly graceful.

His compassion arises out of his love for his children and resides only and only in him.

God’s compassion cannot be matched, cannot be thought of nor cannot be fathomed.

 Each and every breath we take is due to his compassion.

Compassion entails sympathy. But sympathy by humans often comes with riders.

God’s compassion entails only love and mercy.

Before his children ask for his mercy, he has already forgiven them. His mercy is infinite. So is his compassion.

Suppose a student studies very hard for an examination, but doesn’t get excellent results, leading to him feeling morose and let down. That same student in a bigger exam scores superbly and his brilliance outshines everybody. There God’s compassion is outpouring without bounds.

God’s compassion is such a treasure whose limitations are limitless. Very few have actually seen it. It’s the same as a mother’s love for her new born child. It cannot be explained.Words simply bow their heads in front of it.

The bond that binds a mother and a father with their child is God’s compassion and love which connects with the baby in their form as mother and father and vice versa.

It’s like a free flowing beautiful river containing fresh water and unmeasured jewels whose true value and values only God knows.

This flowing river is a very infinitesimally small form of God’s Compassion.
The more we try to measure it, the more it shines, much brighter than anything else.

God was compassionate, is compassionate and will be compassionate. We humans are at the faulty end. We often misunderstand his compassion as our successes in life.

As each drop is an individual drop, they are limitless, and full of God’s compassion and love which may seem very small but in reality is a kingdom on it’s own.

Sometimes simply try to feel his compassion. Who knows? Maybe as a drop of water or as a rose petal he may simply send his compassion which always entails his beautiful and boundless love.