A Big Tree Went To Meet A Rat.

A Big Tree Went To Meet A Rat.

A big tree went to meet a rat.The rat wasn’t at home. Neither was his wife.

His children were playing football, when the big tree, stood firm and asked-“Where is your father?”

The eldest of the them replied-“He has gone to the market.”

“Alright, I will wait for him, over here.Could anyone of you get me a glass of water to drink?”

A small rat scrambled to get Mr. Big tree a glass of water.

The glass of water wasn’t sufficient for him, so he asked for another glass.”

The small child rat brought another one for him. After drinking water from the glass, Mr. Big Tree wiped his face and thanked them.

After fifteen minutes or so, the father and the mother rat returned.

The father rat was overjoyed to see his old friend standing there that he dropped his shopping bags and went over to hug his friend.

Mr.Rat couldn’t hug him as Mr. Big Tree was huge but he let down a long branch of his for Mr.Rat to hug, and Mr.Rat did so.

Mr. Big Tree-“Hello, Ratty, it is wonderful to see you.”

Mr.Rat-“Old friend, it’s nice to see you too.”

And he hugged Mr.Big tree branch again very tightly.

Tree asked the rat to climb up it’s branch and whispered something in his ears.

Hearing the secret, the rat shivered up.

What was it?

Watch out for the reveal in my next post.


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