Green Snow In Russia.

Green coloured snow has been falling in Pervouralsk,Russia due to pollution.

It has been causing various diseases. Few days back an entire Siberian region was covered in Black snow. Which was again due to pollution.

It is seriously alarming situation where snow is changing to various colours due to pollution from industries.



Happy Birthday TO Happy Birthday, Itself.

Yesterday, being 25 the February was Meher Baba’s birthday. He is the Lord of the Universe. Not only this Universe but all Universes.

Meher Baba was born on 25th February 1894.

His name is Merwan Sheriar Irani.

Each and everything that is visible, invisible, existent and non-existent comes under him. His touch can change anything into the most beautiful thing.

All humans have a particular good wish, good feelings towards their own birthdays.

All expect somebody to wish them “Happy Birthday” to him/her on his/her own birthday.

But is there a date on which “Happy Birthday” itself can celebrate it’s birthday?

Well according to “all good calculations” Happy Birthday’s birthday falls on the day when it is The Lord’s birthday.

So, many many happy returns of the day to you-“Happy Birthday”. Well it is a belated one. But better late than never.



Pondering Over a Thought.

Thoughts are a factory in their own. They manufacture, they produce and they ship and deliver the goods on their own whim and fantasies. They can skip and dance and twirl around our mind with flexibility of a rubber string and twist and turn like loop s in our DNA. Pondering over thoughts is a very lull business which brings only slumber. Those who don’t have any work and can’t mind their own business, are the ones who prosper in it. So much is there to learn, write, read and understand, but the mysteries of the mind are so deep, that they are more interesting than any other scientific discovery and invention.

Mind is like a blank machine. If you pour thoughts of anything like money, love, health, prosperity, doomedness in your mind, then you are sure to be worth of a dime to a nickel with the time spent behind your marvellous and wonderful thoughts. Many people don’t need to earn money, as their life is set with thoughts and in their factory of thoughts, they can manufacture such glorious thought products and ride the horses which run such a machine. It is the process of selection and connection. Money is an easy and automatic flow to them. It is based on the action of choosing, which is processed based on the needs,deeds and the lust of the mankind.

Thoughts worth pondering, are discarded into the metallic dustbin, while those which are to be discarded are kept in the lockers with high voltage safety. The level of precaution and safety with which a mother takes care of her small baby, is the level in which a thought ponderer stores his or her thought. Like a dessert chef, they keep on turning and churning, the whole glunk of thoughts. Sometimes fumes come out of it, sometimes, good dishes, sometimes plain nonsense. Be it day or night, they keep on doing their business minding no one and nobody. Truthfully, it is a damn good business, worthy of each and every penny. The only downside is it doesn’t pay any real dough. Only brings downfall and leads to unevenness mentally and physically.

Pondering over most of the thoughts is a very risky business. Be it good or bad, being in the self is what matters the most.

Phew! What a Thought!

Pondering over thoughts1.png

N.B.- Today is Meher Baba’s birthday. His name is Merwan Sheriar Irani. He was born on 25th February 1894. He is the Lord of the Universe.



Biological Term – Scolex

In zoology the term scolex is the part which is the frontal end of tapeworms.

Scolex has suckers and hooks with which it fits itself on hosts, who often don’t want to be fitted with.

Plural of scolex is solices.