Colours Of Love.

Colours of love,

Are mutinious.

They don’t stay at one place.

Like fire flies,

They fritter away.

To capture them in your heart,

Love ypurself and be very happy.



Red The Colour OF Love.

Why is red the colour of love? Love is proclaimed by a giving a red rose.

Red hearts, red heart shaped balloons, red heart shaped soft toys are famous as harbingers of love.

But why red?

Why not blue or yellow or green or even magenta?

Is it because the colour red emits a sense of passion, a fire which burns deep within you when you meet with your true soul mate. Or is it because of the hype regarding relationships of a man and a woman?

Whatever maybe the reason, red is a beautiful colour to colour with. Anything painted with red looks good provided it is used with appropriateness. Any dress in red (not too dark) which is sober and within limits looks great.

Red is definitely the universal colour of love, but it doesn’t supersede a mother’s and a father’s love for their child and vice versa.

God’s favourite flower is a red rose and maybe that’s because his love is merciful and infinite.



Spring The Season Of Happiness.

Ever seen the first light of a spring morning? It’s as soft as a baby, lulling and soothing to watch. When white birds fly across the sky, the vast expanse of the morning light looks even more beautiful.

The season of spring is a time for foods. Variety, variations and different types of food are had.

It’s a time for studies. The exams are often nearby

Flowers are in bloom. Birds chirp and make a lot of beautiful sounds. The bird Cuckoo coos and gets irritated if anybody imitates. On further provocation they get more and more angrier. They search for their mate.

On mango trees, mango buds start appearing. The tree “Palash” is in full bloom in Spring.

Bougainvillea plant, Pink Cassia, Pink Poui, Jacarandha trees are also full of flowers during this time.

Spring is a time for celebration, for joy, for dance, for colours, for festivities, for opening your heart to happiness so that you (including me) can and will remain happy forever and ever.

Let’s welcome with wide open arms, though already more than ten days have passed since Spring has begun and to ride through it, listen to your favourite songs, see your favourite movies, draw your favourite drawing and be super happy.

Be happy and happy Spring.

N.B. Lot of birds can be sighted during this season.