A Big City.

A big city,

In its light is full of glee and brightness.

A big city,

Full of life and glory.

Yet it is a bit downwards in terms of food and bevarage.

But that’s what it is.




Half is the pay that we all get.

Half is yet to beget.

Half can be rounded upto one.

Half in half makes no sound.

Half is a cake cut in two.

A half plum cake is what baker’s bake.

Half a litre of water,

For one fourth of a day,

Keeps a person healthy,

Always with a play.

Half a litre of fresh fruit juice,

Is much needed for our health,

And is like a shining day.

Half is much better than thousands,

For it’s value is always more than what you say.



House On A Lake.

I saw a picture in the internet of a house located on a lake located. The house was surrounded by water on all sides and the house looked lavish and stylish from outside.

The picture had simply mesmerized me.

I showed the picture to my Baba (father) and he too appreciated its beauty and so did Ma.

For a few minutes we all were floating in small air bubble which consisted of “how beautiful the house was.” Any natural person who isn’t defective in his mind would have liked that picture of the house instantly in a moment.

But my Baba broke that bubble soon enough.

He said-“My friend Mr. XYZ had seen such a photo on internet and was so attracted by the place that he decided to travel to that place with his whole family. Soon enough they found out all the about the place through their travel agent and they came to know that place was a tourist destination in some foreign country. The travel agent had told them that it was a “very famous tourist destination”.

Like delighted travellers they packed their bags and went for a holiday to that place where the house was located. After reaching to that they all were very excited and two days later they were supposed to visit that house on a lake and meanwhile they toured other places in that town. The morning when they were slated to visit that house, that man wore a suit and looked very classy.

After getting down from the taxi, the man was so excited by looking at the house on the lake in front of his eyes that he not only tipped the taxi driver but he even tipped the tour guide who was waiting for him beforehand.

He had to get in a boat to reach the place and that man was trembling with happiness.

The tour guide began to speak about that house and of its history, but the man was half listening to him as they neared the house. His wife and children were also with him.

They reached the house. He corrected his tie before entering the house. That’s when the real game began. They entered the house and his face fell. The inside of the house was completely shabby. The paint had fallen off at many places. As glossy and good looking the exterior was, the interior was completely the opposite. He looked back at his wife to express his displeasure, but to his utter disbelief he found his wife’s eyes smiling. His wife on seeing his face said-“See, how wonderful this place is. Much better than Switzerland or Disney land”.

The man realized that there was no escaping from his wife now as she had asked him for a vacation in Switzerland or in the States. But he was adamant on visiting that place.

That man told my father that,the wind came in from all the sides in that house and with it, it brought splashes of water too. He had felt chilly and oddly cold. After spending a few minutes there he abruptly left the house, leaving the tour guide astonished.

The next day they flew back to their home and spent the rest of the days bickering about the vacation and after a few days he gave the travel agent a piece of his mind and decided never to use his services again.”

So, Baba warned us about getting attracted by any beautiful picture of any tourist destination especially the ones found on internet.

After listening to this story the house in the picture which we had appreciated looked alright to us and the “ooh, ooh, aah,aah” of it was a distant memory.

Be careful and choose your vacations wisely and don’t keep much expectations from anything.

That places’ name dad couldn’t remember, but when he would meet his friend again, he would ask him about it. His friend is now out of the country. But that place was in Europe, but definitely not in Switzerland.



Sleeping On a Pillow.

A pillow is the most comfortable thing in the whole world. Simply put your head into its cosy, soft and cushy pillow foam with a beautiful cover on it and go into the world of dreams.

As a child I remember, sleeping on a small pillow. It was my pillow and very unique.

When I grew up a little, my pillow changed and it was a slightly bigger pillow. That pillow was very soft, very cosy and supremely comfortable. It was my best friend.

Then I had to go to a country (due to my dad’s job transfer), where the pillows were of uniform size. You simply couldn’t buy a pillow which wasn’t made for adults.

It took me days to adjust on those pillows and then suddenly one day they didn’t trouble me anymore.

But after a few days, headaches and neck pain began.

After coming back to my home country India, I had no option but to sleep on pillows made for adults and till date I haven’t found a pillow which is as comfortable as the pillow which I used to have in my childhood.

Childhood is a unique gift from God. Anything within its sphere is simply wonderful be it ma’s love or baba’s constant care. Even a small thing like a pillow used during childhood days is superb, beautiful and perfect.

Be happy with your pillows and if you are not, then change it.

N.B.- Pillows are a very important things. Select a proper pillow for yourself and have beautiful and wonderful dreams.

N.B.- Never did I have any pillow fight.



Learning history

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Taj Mahal In Agra

Learning history is a very fine and big job. Fine because, history contains so many small and vital informations, that sometimes learning ancient history is like losing yourself in a maze.

It’s a big job too, because the job of learning it is tedious, bit monotonous, boring and sometimes exciting, but it is thousand times better than civics and society laws, which are based on the numerous brain frequencies of mankind and human resources.

The art of learning is ancient and the art of learning history is much more ancient.

History learning is full of conflicts as most historians defer on one thing or the other.

Many historians cannot differentiate A from B, yet they write confidently about history which is unknown even to the history makers.

History books are a favourite mode of learning history for children and adults, yet there is nothing as beautiful, authentic and same as learning history by visiting a historical place or monument.

The aura, the awe and the beauty of living and learning history from such places is very much different than learning from books. Instead, it feels like as if all the facts written about that place are true. Our soul within resonates with that place and it all becomes “uno momento” of a lifetime in those few moments. It is a superb experience. That leads to a few moments of exquisite happiness.

Two ancient monuments and places of history which teach us, make us learn history are:-

1.Taj Mahal in Agra, India- If you have never visited this ancient, beautiful and magnificent monument, then you would never know what history means. The monument itself represents history. History of true love, beauty, craftsmanship and time itself.

2.Hagia Sophia in Istanbul in Turkey- It’s another ancient piece of history, which has been destroyed twice and built three times for the better of mankind and it stands today as an excellent symbol and monument of history and people’s love and faith.

Hope you all had fun learning history with me.