Sleeping On a Pillow.

A pillow is the most comfortable thing in the whole world. Simply put your head into its cosy, soft and cushy pillow foam with a beautiful cover on it and go into the world of dreams.

As a child I remember, sleeping on a small pillow. It was my pillow and very unique.

When I grew up a little, my pillow changed and it was a slightly bigger pillow. That pillow was very soft, very cosy and supremely comfortable. It was my best friend.

Then I had to go to a country (due to my dad’s job transfer), where the pillows were of uniform size. You simply couldn’t buy a pillow which wasn’t made for adults.

It took me days to adjust on those pillows and then suddenly one day they didn’t trouble me anymore.

But after a few days, headaches and neck pain began.

After coming back to my home country India, I had no option but to sleep on pillows made for adults and till date I haven’t found a pillow which is as comfortable as the pillow which I used to have in my childhood.

Childhood is a unique gift from God. Anything within its sphere is simply wonderful be it ma’s love or baba’s constant care. Even a small thing like a pillow used during childhood days is superb, beautiful and perfect.

Be happy with your pillows and if you are not, then change it.

N.B.- Pillows are a very important things. Select a proper pillow for yourself and have beautiful and wonderful dreams.

N.B.- Never did I have any pillow fight.


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