Sleeping On a Pillow.

A pillow is the most comfortable thing in the whole world. Simply put your head into its cosy, soft and cushy pillow foam with a beautiful cover on it and go into the world of dreams.

As a child I remember, sleeping on a small pillow. It was my pillow and very unique.

When I grew up a little, my pillow changed and it was a slightly bigger pillow. That pillow was very soft, very cosy and supremely comfortable. It was my best friend.

Then I had to go to a country (due to my dad’s job transfer), where the pillows were of uniform size. You simply couldn’t buy a pillow which wasn’t made for adults.

It took me days to adjust on those pillows and then suddenly one day they didn’t trouble me anymore.

But after a few days, headaches and neck pain began.

After coming back to my home country India, I had no option but to sleep on pillows made for adults and till date I haven’t found a pillow which is as comfortable as the pillow which I used to have in my childhood.

Childhood is a unique gift from God. Anything within its sphere is simply wonderful be it ma’s love or baba’s constant care. Even a small thing like a pillow used during childhood days is superb, beautiful and perfect.

Be happy with your pillows and if you are not, then change it.

N.B.- Pillows are a very important things. Select a proper pillow for yourself and have beautiful and wonderful dreams.

N.B.- Never did I have any pillow fight.




Pillow fights are a symbol of sibling hood and being children. Siblings often fight for things which are not to be fought for, for matters which are trivial in nature. These pillow fights are the main reason why a pillow maker can never be out of business.

In old times after getting up from bed, protocols would dictate that beds be made immediately. Children would follow that rule to the toe, but once a pillow fight began it would result in cotton flying all over the room. Though many like such things, personally I dislike it.

Pillows are nice and comfortable soft things made from cotton and to buy a pillow now a days costs a lot of money and anyone who allows their kids to indulge in pillow fight, need a lesson in parenthood themselves.

Pillow fights looks good in movies, but in reality pillows look and feel good when they are used for sleeping or for resting.