Cricket On A Road.

Have you ever played cricket on a road? The game simply becomes fantastic.

A game of cricket played on any road, is a game where the stumps are either shorter or longer or most probably imaginary.

The rules are self-made and the umpiring is highly biased.

The most fun comes when protests are lodged with the umpire, who often disregards the rules towards the team whom he is not favouring.

When a batsman hits a four or a six, he learns it the hard way, that when the ball goes into someone else’s house, it is hard to convince them to give it back.

Many run away after the ball accidentally hits someone’s window glass and breaks it.

Road cricket is full of fun and frolic but be very careful, don’t hit anyone’s glass panes.



Syncing With Me.

Sync with me,

Dance with me.

Be my rhythm,

Stay with me.

Be my song,

Be my guest,

Do not worry,

I will do the rest.

Be my friend,

Be my happiness,

As for life,

We will jest and rest and give our best.

We will win the world,

And come out of the nest,

For we are brothers,

Who can’t be separated for the very best.