A Ball To Bowl.

A ball to bowl,

Taken to the wickets,

Fell them down,

In love and happiness.

The bowler celebrated his victory,

And danced about.

But there is still a ball to bowl.

The bowler is ready,

So are the wickets.

Now, let’s see.



My Reply To My Friend The Elephant.

“My dearest elephant friend,

I was very happy to receive your letter.

I shall definitely visit the zoo again soon with Ma And Baba.

Last summer we all had an enjoyable time playing with you, at the zoo.

This time we shall definitely play with a bigger ball.

And I shall ask the zoo keeper to provide you with big bananas.

Be happy, play well,


There is a surprise waiting for you.

From your friend”.


A DIstant Light.

A Distant Light.

A distant light is glowing.

Far away in the mountains.

I wonder what it is.

For it could be anything.

It could be a light from a house,

Or a lantern hanging from a tree,

Though the chances are rare,

It may be the fairies,

Taking a nap.

Whatever it is,

Or may it be.

I am staring at it,

For I can see God smiling,

Far beyond the trees.



Cricket On A Road.

Have you ever played cricket on a road? The game simply becomes fantastic.

A game of cricket played on any road, is a game where the stumps are either shorter or longer or most probably imaginary.

The rules are self-made and the umpiring is highly biased.

The most fun comes when protests are lodged with the umpire, who often disregards the rules towards the team whom he is not favouring.

When a batsman hits a four or a six, he learns it the hard way, that when the ball goes into someone else’s house, it is hard to convince them to give it back.

Many run away after the ball accidentally hits someone’s window glass and breaks it.

Road cricket is full of fun and frolic but be very careful, don’t hit anyone’s glass panes.