Mangoes in The Office.

Mangoes in The Office.

Sumit Babu is absent in the office. His chair is empty. I am looking at it again and again. We are class mates. He came two hours late, sweating, anxious and has to spare half a days salary. It is lunch break now. We eat lunch together and asked about the delay in a low, soft voice.

Sumit was opening his office bag to take out the lunch box and a very good smell of mango came out and filled the office room. Mangoes are such delicacies that after summer and till rains you will get them.

Sumit told me train was late as goods train they had to give preference. Two train’s office goers were in one train. Not being able to catch he train, he took the next train. Anyhow the mango smell was prevalent. Knowing that he was already late, he bought a Kg of mango from station market on the way. Sumit babu loves me. He took out a mango and offered me. Shirish sir was our friendly boss. Sumit got up and asked a knife from him (his drawer is full of so many things which are of importance and we need them frequently). All were eating their lunch in groups or alone. As Sumit cut the mangoes with knife, Shirish sir got up and came, jovially saying “Knife is mine, so is the mango. You should share with me.”

All our colleagues, even the peons were ultimately enjoying the mango party. It was a loud celebration of the early seasonal mangoes. Our office got over. Both of us would be going together till the station then we will take different lines. I told him,”Oh such a day as if we were children.” Sumit babu told me he did not get any piece. My face fell down, oh! My friend.

Basket full of mangoes, one or two vendors were selling at the step of the platform. Sumit babu bought from them and he bought litchi one bunch. I too bought them and felt happy.

In compensation next day at lunch, I and Shirish sir together gave a gulab jamoon and samosa treat to all our colleagues. Sumit smiled at me.




I bought seven kilogram of wheat grains. It was in the mall, where they have a grinding machine, means the flour mill. The powdered wheat which is known as flour is coming out and the whole space was smelling of the flour. I love this smell. “AAhh, Ma will make rotis, parathas, puris and all.

It is the best of life. Atleast two breads we need for lunch and dinner. Any sabzi or vegetable or gravy, always goes well with roti. It can be thick, it can be thin, it can be made by sprinkling oil, then it becomes bhakri. Do you know the varieties of roti? All of us love this at a daily basis. It is my love only. I love naan, paratha, tandoori roti, romali roti. See the magic. The flattened raw roti when you put on a tawa and press it with a soft cloth, it slowly puffs up and becomes a ball and sometimes it bursts. The love of anybody who prepares roti for lunch or dinner is contained in that roti. It is the base of life, same as the wheat plants which are ground to the earth. Wheat plants are the members of the Graminae family. Everybody says to earn bread you have to work very hard. It is very true.

But there are so many who eat them without working hard.

Cooking a double roti is so unique, that I ate in Gujarat (a state of India) with aamras (Mango pulp with a little water and sugar).

To make the roti it takes a long time.

Ma is looking for an atta kneader, but still could not get it. But to break the roti is instant and to eat it! The piece of roti goes to the mouth with any sabzi and dal, by God’s grace. It is true for one and all.



Bubble Tea.

Did you ever have bubble tea? Bubble teas are juice sort of teas in flavours such as lemon, peach, litchi, kiwi,etc., with bubbles flavoured as mango, strawberry, blueberry, etc.

When you drink the tea, the straw is to be held a little bit higher so that bubbles come straight into your mouth and that’s where all the fun is hidden. The moment the bubbles, enter your mouth the whole experience comes alive. Within a second you will find them popping. The fun cannot be explained. It is super, marvellous and extremely wonderful.

Whosoever has invented the concept of bubble tea is an extremely wise, intelligent and efficient person and a nice human being as well. Have fun while drinking bubble teas.

N.B. Don’t forget the popping bubbles.



My (little) Mother’s Sunday.

When my Ma was small, Sunday was a day of wonders for her. It was the happiest day of her week.

The verandah of her house and the garden outside her home would be filled with Sunshine.

There was a tagor tree and flowers used to bloom on it and there were Rose plants in the garden.

The rose plants would consists of “dark maroon roses and pink roses” and dew would be there on the leaves and this whole atmosphere would give her a lot of happiness.

A Tall tree was there in the cross road of the front of her home through which Sun would peep. It was a day of happiness.

In the season of mangoes, the mango tree would be full of mangoes and the “kul”(berry) tree used to be full of “kuls”(berry).

An egg seller would pass by her home selling eggs and as it was Sunday, various other sellers would come by.

In the evening a “Chanachurwala” ( fried snacks seller) would come to sell chanachurs.

Ma was especially happiest as her uncle “Kaku”would come to her home as it was Sunday.

It was a day when her uncle used to come to her home.

He would smell of pan and jarda and his bag would be full of “khazana” (treasures).

After Kaku would reach her home, “khazanas” would start coming out of his bag. The “khazanas” were Anandamela (a magazine), sweets, mangoes, a pan box, a story books and many other books.

He was a Government Officer and in the evening when he had to return home, Ma and her elder sisterwould hide his shoes and ask him to stay back that night and would solemnly tell him that he could go to his office the next day from her home.

Each Sunday was golden and every one of them was the happiest of the happiest of the happiest day for her because her Kaku would come to visit her and after all being a child she used to like those days the most.

Those childhood days have not come back to her and she misses those days the most.

Each Sunday would be a charm for her, making her the most happiest and the magic of Each Sunday was simply full God’s love and blessings.

Sundays were golden, round and the happiest for Ma and had those days been alive today, Ma would have been completely well.

Ma I am always there for you, so a Happy Sunday Ma. Love you Ma.