Climbing on a tree?

To be able to climb a tree as much higher as possible is an adventure that one never forgets. From that height to see the hills or the plantain views is a memory that we all cheer for ever. If you ever climbed a tree near a sea side, then you will know what it feels to be a lighthouse.  But tree climbing is dangerous and not advisable to each and everyone.

Once, upon a time making a tree top house would be a privilege and honour. Sometimes we would take pastries to eat after climbing a tree and many a time we used to solemnly eat the pastries and didn’t bother about climbing the tree.

Professional tree climbers who climb to bring down mangoes and coconuts from those trees, are very skilled. In places which are outside the city area, trees laden with fruits can be found. Many children learn to climb the tree in the greed for the tasty fruits. Tree climbers also have developed strong calf muscles.

In rainy seasons, small kids feel an utmost need to climb a tree and to sit on a branch. During rains, the tree branches become soft and often crumble, leading to the child getting hurt. Tree climbing is an inspiring sport. Suppose a boy has climbed a tree and his friend hasn’t. He would start gesturing and making face to his friend-“I have climbed the tree, you haven’t, boo-boo, loser”.

Children would climb Mango/Lichi/Guava tree to collect the fruits.

Monkeys climb onto trees with agility and speed and men often try to copy them, but they have forgotten that they themselves have evolved from monkeys.

closeup photo of brown baby monkey

I would never ever advise tree climbing to anyone. Each and every sports has its own regulations. Always maintain your safety and instead of climbing tree, give that tree a big hug so that it lives for more and more years and basks in your love and care.




Music On a Bus Part-2

The Band got down from the bus and the bus went on ahead.The people who were singing and clapping, were now resting and enjoying the cool breeze and the sparrows were nibbling on the titbits of food which they found on the bus.

As the bus turned towards the road from where the seaside was visible, much cooler breeze started coming and the warmth of the sunlight was so glorious and healthy, that it felt as if they were standing near the hearth in their home. As the rays of sunlight touched the body, all tiredness, sluggishness and sleep vamoosed. Now it was time for the bus to take rest. The bus stopped near an air conditioned restaurant and the driver reminded everyone that the bus would leave exactly after forty-five minutes.

They all went inside the restaurant.As it was afternoon, the tables were mostly empty and the waiters were feeling too lazy to take down any orders.Slowly, slowly at snail’s space, the waiters came and took the orders. Most of the bus passengers ordered for tea and snacks.

After having tea and snacks, everyone was waiting to go back to the bus, when the bus conductor came and told that they would have to wait for another half an hour as the bus driver was still sleeping.Hearing this, everyone grumbled.Now the time started passing slowly and some even dozzed off.It was five o’clock in the evening, when a band who were going to a particular function, entered the restaurant. They had ordered for some light food and were waiting for it to come, when two men from the band absent mindedly, began playing their instruments simply for sheer fun. Everyone woke with a jolt hearing –“para paap paap paap poon and dhi tiri riri riri” and they were stunned.It was a full on jazz performance of drums and saxophone.

All the bus passengers and the remaining band members were shouting-“Stop, stop, stop.Please our heads are aching.” Those men stopped playing their instruments and all heaved a sigh of relief.

Barely five minutes or so had passed, when the bus conductor came and said-“The driver has woken up, freshened himself up and the bus is ready to go.”

Immediately, everyone started walking towards the restaurant door, when a voice asked –“where is the bus going?”

The conductor replied-“to so and so place.” Immediately the band members’ faces lightened up. It felt as if they had received early bonuses.

Their leader spoke-“We, too would like to ride on your bus, as our destination is the same.”

After all the musicians had got on the bus, the conductor was trying to decide whether to charge for the musical instruments or not. The big trumpet had nearly blocked the exit and the bus driver wondered whether more such quirky individuals would get on the bus. Two bands in a single day, was something that he had never seen in his job.

Before the bus started doing –“Grr-grr-grr-grr”, the starting sound which all buses make before picking up speed, an ice cream seller got on to the bu. Instantly he began mongering his ice products of love, cups, bowls and cones.

“Mango-vanilla – lollipop ice cream, two plus one free.” There were two children on the bus.Spontaneously they asked their mothers for ice creams. Reluctantly the mothers had to buy them the ice creams. The ice cream seller said-“two plus one free. Buy four and I will give you three free.” The mothers’ simply brushed off his offer and bought single quantity of ice cream for their kids. Before giving her kid the ice cream, one of the ladies who had bought the ice cream had taken a bite and felt that the mango-vanilla-lollipop was heaven sent. She told all the passengers nearby that the ice cream was simply superb to eat and in a speed faster than superfast train, the whole bus was sumptuously eating the ice cream (including the driver and the conductor). By this time the dusk had fallen and sun was on the verge of going down the horizon, when the flute player of the band, played a tune so melodious that it toughed everyone’s heart’s core. It was a befitting salute and tribute to the Sun God who nourishes us all and keeps guard for us.The mouth organ player joined his friend and the harmonium player too rendered a soft piece of an unknown raga.

The evening stars were now shining all across the sky and the band began practising their songs for the function. Unknown to them, it was causing a bit of chaos to people below on the streets, as they kept on looking here and there for the source of sound and music, but couldn’t find it.

The band members became bored by playing the same songs again and again, so they began playing the latest party and hip and hop songs and instantaneously the whole bus was swaying, singing and dancing to those songs. The driver was having a hard time controlling his desire to get up from his seat and belt out a few dance moves, but it was years of experience of monotonous driving that he kept his buttocks firmly on his seat. Before the band alighted from the bus, they played out a famous songs so beautifully, that people passing by had gathered themselves around the band and like free birds, they forgot themselves for a few priceless and extraordinary moments.

Music is priceless, music is eternal and it is both boon and grace from the all loving father in heaven. The best music created on earth are the songs which a mother sings to her baby or child when trying to make them go to sleep. There is nothing more beautiful and natural than it. A mother’s song is an unlimited mine or ocean of love.

Such bus journeys make music felt and interwoven in hearts. Heart is nothing but a ball of love. If you feed it with happiness, love and music, it will grow stronger by the day and nothing can fell it.

Hope you have enjoyed this bus journey and again and again and thousands and million times, may you all have more such rides on such a wonderful bus trip (including ma, baba, me and God).















Pineapple Jam with Mango Chips.

Mango chips are a beautiful creation of God Almighty. When made properly they taste wonderful. Mango itself is a wonderful fruit which helps the human kind irrespective of the fact that whether the mangoes are sweet or sour. When the mango slices are fried, it absorbs the oil in such a way that the slices elongate and when taken out of the oil they look like sleek , round/elongated and very small sized plates.

In many countries you will find that in the supermarkets, packets of mango chips are not available. They are available locally. At the gully stores or at the local market.

So, if you can get a packet of mango chips then great or you can make it at home. They taste truly great and if you can salt it with table salt, then it tastes crispier and that unique taste of raw mango comes out more as a flavour. One who has not had it, can never ever understand its taste.

Arrange the chips on a plate and put a bit of pineapple jam on each of them. Have them as evening snacks or while watching your favourite match or show or in between meals.


Pineapple Tart Image Courtesy of By Juliana Phang – Originally posted to Flickr as pineapple tart, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4382268

Dried Mango Image Courtesy of Asabengurtza – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10774975