Fashion is the sense with which one dresses. To fashion means to look right, to keep with the current trend, to look sober.

But that has changed in the past two decades or so. Now even if anybody wears a huge dress which looks as a bulbaceous plant, then also it is appreciated as fashion.

If one wears a dress which is made to like a bus, that too would be appreciated by each and everyone.

When God created the mankind, he had intended and wanted it to be sober, happy and rightful in their works.

A sense for fashion is required but the “fashion sense and trend” which goes on nowadays is misleading, misinterpreted and highly binging on the budget.

One may wear a flower shaped dress for the whole month, rather than having food, going out and carrying on your daily life, as after buying that “fashionable dress” one’s monthly budget goes for a toss

May God’s light shine upon and may all have the proper sense to dress.

N.B. Jeans are a big upside down in regard to fashion. Jeans pants nowadays are torn at knees, above the ankle, on the thighs. Sometimes, the question arises whether you are wearing a jeans pant or a ragged and torn piece of cloth. Ankle, thighs and knees are the most vital parts of a human leg. If those are not covered when you are wearing a full length jeans, then God save you.

Be happy and wear nice, sober dresses with such a style and fashion that does not poke anybody’s eye out.



Bubble Tea.

Did you ever have bubble tea? Bubble teas are juice sort of teas in flavours such as lemon, peach, litchi, kiwi,etc., with bubbles flavoured as mango, strawberry, blueberry, etc.

When you drink the tea, the straw is to be held a little bit higher so that bubbles come straight into your mouth and that’s where all the fun is hidden. The moment the bubbles, enter your mouth the whole experience comes alive. Within a second you will find them popping. The fun cannot be explained. It is super, marvellous and extremely wonderful.

Whosoever has invented the concept of bubble tea is an extremely wise, intelligent and efficient person and a nice human being as well. Have fun while drinking bubble teas.

N.B. Don’t forget the popping bubbles.