Roses Are My Kin.

Roses are my kin,

I like them for they are made true in sunshine.

Roses are my kin,

In beauty and in nature,

There is nothing like their glory and asking.

Roses are my kin,

For my maternal grandfather was an expert gardener and they truly blossomed without anything.

Simply his love made them grow.

Roses are truly my kin,

For in roses,

We have found,

What we had lost.



My (little) Mother’s Sunday.

When my Ma was small, Sunday was a day of wonders for her. It was the happiest day of her week.

The verandah of her house and the garden outside her home would be filled with Sunshine.

There was a tagor tree and flowers used to bloom on it and there were Rose plants in the garden.

The rose plants would consists of “dark maroon roses and pink roses” and dew would be there on the leaves and this whole atmosphere would give her a lot of happiness.

A Tall tree was there in the cross road of the front of her home through which Sun would peep. It was a day of happiness.

In the season of mangoes, the mango tree would be full of mangoes and the “kul”(berry) tree used to be full of “kuls”(berry).

An egg seller would pass by her home selling eggs and as it was Sunday, various other sellers would come by.

In the evening a “Chanachurwala” ( fried snacks seller) would come to sell chanachurs.

Ma was especially happiest as her uncle “Kaku”would come to her home as it was Sunday.

It was a day when her uncle used to come to her home.

He would smell of pan and jarda and his bag would be full of “khazana” (treasures).

After Kaku would reach her home, “khazanas” would start coming out of his bag. The “khazanas” were Anandamela (a magazine), sweets, mangoes, a pan box, a story books and many other books.

He was a Government Officer and in the evening when he had to return home, Ma and her elder sisterwould hide his shoes and ask him to stay back that night and would solemnly tell him that he could go to his office the next day from her home.

Each Sunday was golden and every one of them was the happiest of the happiest of the happiest day for her because her Kaku would come to visit her and after all being a child she used to like those days the most.

Those childhood days have not come back to her and she misses those days the most.

Each Sunday would be a charm for her, making her the most happiest and the magic of Each Sunday was simply full God’s love and blessings.

Sundays were golden, round and the happiest for Ma and had those days been alive today, Ma would have been completely well.

Ma I am always there for you, so a Happy Sunday Ma. Love you Ma.



Simply Wonderful Roses and Plum Cake.

On a walk to the general store on the corner of a specific locality, a flower seller was standing with four bunches of roses. The first bunch was of yellow roses, the second bunch was of pink roses, third bunch was of blue roses and fourth one was of red roses.

He was holding a red rose in his hand and loudly was calling out to everyone- “Thirty rupees for a rose, fifty for two, hundred for five and seven hundred for the whole bunch”.

We walked upto him and I asked-“How much if I bought a rose from each of your bunches?”

He replied- “ seventy five rupees.”

I-“Your flowers are very cheap. Why are you selling them at such a low price?”

Him-“That’s because today is the first day of school for my small boy. He is going to an English school in my locality and I need to be back home by twelve o’clock so that I can drop him off to school. If I am able to make two thousand to two thousand five hundred rupees, then my daily income quota is completed.”

I-“But how will you be able to sell so many roses by twelve?

Him-“If I can’t then, I will give these flowers to thenearby bakery shop as they need flowers for making bouquets.”

I-“Give me eight roses in all. Two yellow, two blue,two pink and two red.”

Him-“One hundred fifty rupees only.”

After paying him the money, he bought out a small piece of packed plum cake and gave it to us.

Him-“I hand out sampling pieces for the bakery as well, as my niece works there”.

We tasted the cake and it tasted simply wonderful.

I-“This piece of cake is really wonderful”.

Him-“Today before I go home, I will definitely buy a big plum cake for my boy, as I believe that plum cakes are a sign of blessings from Jesus and I want him to start his education with Jesus’s blessing.”

I-“We will also buy some plum cake for our evening snacks.”

Him-“Thank you sir.”

We bought half kilo of plum cake.

We started walking towards the main street and after finishing our work, we were trying to get an auto rickshaw when we met the flower seller again. He said-

“All of my flowers are sold. A man came and bought them for two thousand five hundred rupees and even gave his business card as he said that he might need for huge quantities of roses to be delivered to his place and now I am going home early and my little boy would be very happy to play with me before he goes to school for the first time.”

I-“that’s very very good.”

Him-“Yes, that it is.”

Saying so he handed us a red rose-“from my son”.

Plum cake image courtesy of By Photograph by D Ramey Logan, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37493800