I bought seven kilogram of wheat grains. It was in the mall, where they have a grinding machine, means the flour mill. The powdered wheat which is known as flour is coming out and the whole space was smelling of the flour. I love this smell. “AAhh, Ma will make rotis, parathas, puris and all.

It is the best of life. Atleast two breads we need for lunch and dinner. Any sabzi or vegetable or gravy, always goes well with roti. It can be thick, it can be thin, it can be made by sprinkling oil, then it becomes bhakri. Do you know the varieties of roti? All of us love this at a daily basis. It is my love only. I love naan, paratha, tandoori roti, romali roti. See the magic. The flattened raw roti when you put on a tawa and press it with a soft cloth, it slowly puffs up and becomes a ball and sometimes it bursts. The love of anybody who prepares roti for lunch or dinner is contained in that roti. It is the base of life, same as the wheat plants which are ground to the earth. Wheat plants are the members of the Graminae family. Everybody says to earn bread you have to work very hard. It is very true.

But there are so many who eat them without working hard.

Cooking a double roti is so unique, that I ate in Gujarat (a state of India) with aamras (Mango pulp with a little water and sugar).

To make the roti it takes a long time.

Ma is looking for an atta kneader, but still could not get it. But to break the roti is instant and to eat it! The piece of roti goes to the mouth with any sabzi and dal, by God’s grace. It is true for one and all.


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