My (little) Mother’s Sunday.

When my Ma was small, Sunday was a day of wonders for her. It was the happiest day of her week.

The verandah of her house and the garden outside her home would be filled with Sunshine.

There was a tagor tree and flowers used to bloom on it and there were Rose plants in the garden.

The rose plants would consists of “dark maroon roses and pink roses” and dew would be there on the leaves and this whole atmosphere would give her a lot of happiness.

A Tall tree was there in the cross road of the front of her home through which Sun would peep. It was a day of happiness.

In the season of mangoes, the mango tree would be full of mangoes and the “kul”(berry) tree used to be full of “kuls”(berry).

An egg seller would pass by her home selling eggs and as it was Sunday, various other sellers would come by.

In the evening a “Chanachurwala” ( fried snacks seller) would come to sell chanachurs.

Ma was especially happiest as her uncle “Kaku”would come to her home as it was Sunday.

It was a day when her uncle used to come to her home.

He would smell of pan and jarda and his bag would be full of “khazana” (treasures).

After Kaku would reach her home, “khazanas” would start coming out of his bag. The “khazanas” were Anandamela (a magazine), sweets, mangoes, a pan box, a story books and many other books.

He was a Government Officer and in the evening when he had to return home, Ma and her elder sisterwould hide his shoes and ask him to stay back that night and would solemnly tell him that he could go to his office the next day from her home.

Each Sunday was golden and every one of them was the happiest of the happiest of the happiest day for her because her Kaku would come to visit her and after all being a child she used to like those days the most.

Those childhood days have not come back to her and she misses those days the most.

Each Sunday would be a charm for her, making her the most happiest and the magic of Each Sunday was simply full God’s love and blessings.

Sundays were golden, round and the happiest for Ma and had those days been alive today, Ma would have been completely well.

Ma I am always there for you, so a Happy Sunday Ma. Love you Ma.


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