Red The Colour OF Love.

Why is red the colour of love? Love is proclaimed by a giving a red rose.

Red hearts, red heart shaped balloons, red heart shaped soft toys are famous as harbingers of love.

But why red?

Why not blue or yellow or green or even magenta?

Is it because the colour red emits a sense of passion, a fire which burns deep within you when you meet with your true soul mate. Or is it because of the hype regarding relationships of a man and a woman?

Whatever maybe the reason, red is a beautiful colour to colour with. Anything painted with red looks good provided it is used with appropriateness. Any dress in red (not too dark) which is sober and within limits looks great.

Red is definitely the universal colour of love, but it doesn’t supersede a mother’s and a father’s love for their child and vice versa.

God’s favourite flower is a red rose and maybe that’s because his love is merciful and infinite.