Dear Dadubhai, Happy Birthday.

Dearest Dadubhai, a very happy birthday to you. Wish you many many happy returns of the day. Be shining always and be the biggest light of all in God’s Kingdom.

Be there with us always. Be always smiling.Be happy and have lots and lots of cake on this beautiful day.

The very same to you Kaka Babu dadu. They both are my maternal grandfathers(both of them are brothers having the same date of birth, so my maternal grandfather’s brother is also my grandfather) and I am there proud grandson.

From daughter, son In law and grandson.

Be very happy always and be always with God.

N.B. -They both are now Kings of Heaven with my friend Karl.



Let’s Go To School.

Let’s go to school,

Let’s study hard,

In the tiffin break,

Let’s have a big tiffin of cakes,

Which we shall share with the birds.

Let’s play pen fight,

While our teachers teach,

Who needs to rot?

While learning a2=b2=c2.

Let’s make learning fun,

Let’s find the tune till time remains,

For once the threshold of school is crossed,

All is in vain.

Let’s be children again,

Let’s have fun,

Let’s make good of ourselves,

So that we may not be a picture lost in the sun.



Peek a Boo.

Peek a boo.

Peek a boo,

I know where are you.

Under the table,

Or behind the wall.

In the garden,

Or on the roof.

Peek a boo,

Peek a boo,

Everywhere I feel you,

I know I will catch up with you.

Let me give some time.

Don’t change your place.

Be steady you there,

Where you have found your niche.

To call me to you.