My Dearest Friend.

My dearest friend,

Where had you been?

Did you see the world?

Did you have fun?

Did you miss me?

As I missed you?

Did you have Italian pizza

Or the great macaroni and cheese?

It’s been long since we have met,

Will you come for lunch or for dinner?

Ma has prepared three of your favourite dishes,

Only say yes and all will be merry.

I would have the great privelege,

Of you visiting my home.

Please do say yes.



To Nicole, my dearest friend.

Be happy always, be always singing, be in Lord’s arm always for save nothing except him exists.

Dance whenever you want, write as much as you want, be loving and caring towards us.

Be with the best of the best as you deserve nothing less than that, be happy always, shining like the morning Sun, so that Lord can be proud and prouder of you. Make him happy, keep him happy and always be blessed. Soar the skies, win the sea, walk across all lands, be just and cross all the T’s. Dot the I’s, read happily, don’t make any mistake, for we are ever and ever yours.

From your friend with superb wishes, read the rest for you to see.