Good And Beautiful.

The lights are glittering,

The heaven is in a rejoicing mood.

The ice creams and cakes are unlimited

And happiness is multiplied billion and zillion times.

The air is full of smell of roses,

The scenery is back to being natural and colourful,

For the day is good and beautiful.




I have an apron,

Its red and green.

It has been beautiful designed.

I work in the kitchen,

Wearing it.

It hardly gets stained,

For I care for it regularly,

And my favourite times are when Ma bakes cakes and cookies,

And brings them out of them of the kitchen,

Wearing my red and green apron.



Let’s Go To School.

Let’s go to school,

Let’s study hard,

In the tiffin break,

Let’s have a big tiffin of cakes,

Which we shall share with the birds.

Let’s play pen fight,

While our teachers teach,

Who needs to rot?

While learning a2=b2=c2.

Let’s make learning fun,

Let’s find the tune till time remains,

For once the threshold of school is crossed,

All is in vain.

Let’s be children again,

Let’s have fun,

Let’s make good of ourselves,

So that we may not be a picture lost in the sun.