My Meher Baba And Sai Baba Of Shirdi.

Meher Baba is the “Avatar of the Age.” At each end of a time cycle, an Avatar takes birth on earth. The journey which we had with Baba is known only to us. Baba is truly God, whom very few know, but he is and he always will be. To whom all of the creation bows, is Meher Baba, Khuda, Parvardigar and Jesus on Earth. Sai Baba of Shirdi Is Parvardigar. Pardardigar means “the protector”. He is the father of the whole creation. It’s his grace that the creation is standing on its feet, otherwise the wheels of all creation would have been dismantled a long time back. Baba cannot be explained in words. He is beyond human comprehension. He is God, whom to recognize the folks on earth took a long time, yet they can’t recognize him. Baba is Lord Of All and without him we wouldn’t have been.


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