Mind Series-Part 1.

Mind which remembers. Not facts, not series, but happenings. What happens and keeps on going in each and everyone’s life.
This type of people are the most disastrous of all kinds. There are scores and scores of such people available, who do such nonsense work. They can’t do justice with themselves, so they ruin others lives, by chit chatting with people who are unconcerned with the affairs. This leads to the word being spread, which in turn forms rumours. Due to this, people form false opinions of the other person.

Mind which remembers can be used to remember science, social studies and other literature and literary work. Classic books are a source of great happiness, which can help divert one’s mind from these dirty and nonsense works. But people don’t follow it. They are only busy in doing bullshit work, which can ruin other’s life.

A mind which remembers can be used and utilized for doing great work, but nearly all won’t be human if they didn’t indulge in nonsense activities such as rumour mongering and spreading lies.


Mind Oh! Mind,

Be kind to remember,

Or it won’t be nice,

In the after years.

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