Fruit Nut Special Bread.

Breads are favourites with generations,

They have been a part of our breakfasts,

Tiffins, evening snacks and of our daily routine,

Since time immemorial.

Just a few days backs,

I was in for a surprise.

Ma had made two loaves of bread,

And the whole kitchen was stemming with the smell of freshly baked bread.

Soon Ma gave me four slices of that fresh bread to eat.

The moment I took a bite,

I had gone to wonderland.

There was tooty-frooty in it,

They sweeten up the bread,

And Ma had also added broken cashews and almonds in it.

And the baking had been done to perfection,

I had the bread in the morning with milk,

And with tea in the evening.

As I was keeping the plate, I said-“Ma the bread tastes delicious, can I have it again?”

Ma-“Yes, you can till the time these two loaves get over.”

I-“No, no I mean can I have them after these two loaves get over?”

Ma laughed and said “Yes, I will make them again for you.”

I-“When Ma?”

Ma-“The next week.”

I shouted-“Yes!”

And gave Ma a kiss,

And danced around the house in jubilation.


Ma has promised to make it again.

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