It Doesn’t Fall Off………….

The answer is………………


Nearly two posts back, I had asked what is so unique about “SCOLEX””?

Scolex being the frontal end of the a tapeworm, has suckers and hooks with which it attaches or fits itself on the host, but it uniqueness remains in the fact that tapeworms are parasites and often when they are treated with worm killing medicine, the body falls of but the head i.e.the “Scolex” remains hanging on to the intestine wall or to which ever part it is doing its zumba dance on. It simply clings on to which ever part of the body it is invading, but generally it is based in intestines.

The deworming medicine can’t deworm properly and it is the tapeworm which usually has the last smile.

That’s the reason why the species Taenia solium are hard to kill and they often cause much higher degree of harm in humans.


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