Best Friends.

Best of friends and their friendship is priceless.

Friends are a beautiful part of one’s life.

Having a friend is a rare gift nowadays and one in a million, more or so, stand out to be your truest of the true friends. They simply can’t be matched with.

One call and they are there with you at your side. Friendship is a beautiful gift from God.

Friends are made in schools, colleges, offices and in many places. But most of them dry off. Like leaves falling from tree, they too fall off.

The snowman in the above picture is more sturdy than most of friendships.

But my two friends have been with me through thick and thin. They are the very best of friends and I wish them a very Happy Birthday. Many Many Happy Returns of the day.

Friends aren’t demanding, they simply are.

Thank you for your love and support but to even say is an infinitely small gesture.


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