Football For Rs.30.

While going on a walk, we heard a hawker shouting –“ Sturdy and good looking football for Rs.30. Buy it, buy it, buy it. You will never regret it. For Rs. 60 get two footballs and a plastic toy sunglass for your child totally free. When you score a goal, you will remember me. So, be fast and buy it, before the stock gets over.”

On hearing his hawking, we went near his hawking cart and took a look at those footballs which he was selling. They looked like normal footballs but a bit smaller in size and of different colours.

We decided to purchase and were contemplating on the colour when he said-“Four for Rs.100”.

We-“No, No, we want only one football”.

On hearing our reply he simply chuckled and went back to hawking his wares.

We bought a blue-white coloured football and while on the way back home, we were continuously playing with it.

Playing with the new football, gave us an exotic happiness which was thousand times more than playing any good mobile games.


2 thoughts on “Football For Rs.30.”

  1. Excellent. A dream visionary.It gives us a perspective to be with nature. Beautiful to see the pictures with the concept.

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