Freer Self.

A self is an all dimensional ball which when enraptured by all false objects and desires, can hardly flourish and be free. “Free” is a word which we all love to hear more often than we all do. A human mind is such a dung heap of all sorts of “mental indigestion” that it is enough for a human to fall in revolt with his own being.

A self is a superb and beautiful creation of God Almighty, though sometimes it may not be his creation. It can draw, write, sketch, sing, dance and do innumerable type of things. AI is “artificial intelligence” and it is used to make robots, computers, software etc.

AI which is now days a much hyped and all favourite thing of many people is a false illusion and nothing more than a mirror image of human mind. A human mind infinitely better than an artificial intelligence, but with days and months passing,it is getting worse than artificial intelligence.

The one thing that an artificial mind can’t do is that it can never ever realize or love GOD. It will always be stuck at that point and GOD is a big zero for it. Though zero can give a multitude value to something, artificial intelligence can only make a play of whatever is already in the play.

A self which tries to soar, always get entrapped into something which is beneath its origin. The point of origin is always GOD and the end point is also GOD. Playing with the self or mutilating it will lead it to being more stuck and confused with its inner core and will lead more bubbling of questions inside it.

A self’s magnitude capacity is extremely huge and encompasses all the spheres. A freer mind will always lead to a freer self. Still it is human tendency to get stuck at something as small as a blade of grass.

On the contrary an artificially intelligent mind is always free as it has to only carry out the work that it has been given the command for. But human minds are more complicated, full of complexes and more perplexed than a fifth standard kid trying to solve a tenth standard mathematics sum.That kid might even solve it, but a human mind will get entangled in a ball of spinning web.

A self is composed of bright lights and colours, but to make it shine one must let it grow in good way and keep oneself free, cool and calm.

A beautiful and wonderful dance is thousand times better than anything bewitching and detrimental.

A self is not given by GOD for ensnaring or bewitching.It has been given by GOD, to make good use so that we all can go back home and we all where home is and a self which is not free can never go back home. It will keep on fidgeting and will be bouncing from one wall to the other until and unless it frees itself from whatever has taken the grip of it. The main goal of life is to be happy, peaceful and free of anything which is harmful to one’s self.

So cheers to a freer self and hope that we all can reach our goals in life.


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