Dreams of Green Meadows by the River.

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Standing on a lush green meadow and taking in the cool breeze while watching the river as it gushes by is a unique and wonderful experience.  There are very few places on earth where you will find a green meadow beside a river.  I wished that we had gone over to such a place and had picnic over there with sandwiches, tea and jellies.

Cricket, badminton, football or kite flying is best played on such a green meadow.

It best to roll down, down and down on the green grass of the meadow, so that the back gets a good rub over. A meadow’s green lush texture is very much soothing to the eyes. The smell of the morning  air and of the morning dew is something which is so raw and to that extent fresh is excellent. When one inhales the fresh morning air and the smell of the dew on the grass, there is nothing more beautiful, exciting and prosperous than it.


It comes in my dream and I hope that such a wonderful dream must come true.

The sky seems reachable when you reach it from a meadow. As you lie down on the green grass and look at the shining night stars and think about your dreams and ambitions, it feels as if the stars are listening to your thoughts and who knows they might even help you realize it or even they may have the same hopes and aspirations. There is a reason why stars come down on earth. It isn’t to peel peanuts or maybe to peel peanuts. Who knows? Human mind is more crazier than any overrated singer or artist. It is better to spend a hundred dollars on a nice lunch buffet with the family rather than wasting it after a rock concert or on something which is just puff and poof like emotions.

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The best adventure that one can have while visiting the meadow, is by carrying a football. If you have a football with you, then you can enjoy playing it very much, as the ground is limitless and as and where ever you wish you can place the goal post and the match can go on from morning till evening. If a football rolls down and falls in the river, then be sure that it will float but to retrieve it, is a very much tedious work. A long stick is needed to found and with best of luck, the stick must reach the ball, so that you can coax and glide the ball towards the river bank  on which you are standing. Many a times, the ball remain irretrievable and it floats away with the river current. Sometimes, children tend to kick the ball so hard, that it falls with a splash in the river and is never seen again.  Miraculously, the ball sometimes comes back at the river bank to your side and it feels as if there is nothing more beautiful and wonderful than getting back a nearly lost football.

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The river which gushes by the meadows, also stays in wait, that when will someone come and play with its waters? Children often go near the river and splash water on their faces and hands and with good luck they try to catch fishes. Sometimes, while playing football, hands and legs get dirty by playing barefooted football. The cool river water washes away all dirt and gives a soothing effect on the skin. It feels as if nature itself is healing all your pains and giving you immense relief.

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Trees are another part of meadows. Tall trees are rare on meadows, but once you find one, you can take shelter under it, can talk to it and can play hide and seek by hiding behind the tree. Touch and go or touch and hide are another few games which can be played with trees. A game of ludo is very much enjoyed and loved under a shaded tree.

A house which is located on a huge, green and widespread meadow, has a large, big tree near it, located on the meadow. The tree is the sign of good luck and ambience for that place. Trees often form the center point for meadows. Children make it a base for their adventures. I had previously written a post on the tree– A Green Tree.

Families love, enjoy and feel blissful when they picnic and spend a whole day on a meadow and it is the best gift which can ever be given to a person for there is nothing more rewarding than nature besotted with family love.


Rare is such a dream where one gets to visit a meadow. But if you do, be sure to relish and enjoy it.

Dreams should and must be wonderful, wherein people get relief from stress. Fairyland dreams are always the best.

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