Steps Of The Stadium.

A stadium is being constructed in front of my house. The steps where people will sit and watch cricket and football matches are made of concrete.

So, during day time when the Sun shines upon it, to sit upon the steps, is a very hard job, as the rear part feels a lot of heat. On the other hand, when it is night time, as it is still winter-spring time, if the chill is to a higher degree, then to sit on those steps require a lot of self-control and endurance, as the cold reflecting of those concrete steps gives a lot of trouble to sit on.

The best time to sit and watch anything happening in the stadium is during evening time, when everything is cool, light and free flowing. The time between dusk, evening and night is the best time to sit on those steps.

If they could only cover those steps with a good covering. Huh!


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