Boys Riding on a Cart.


A ware seller’s cart was lying empty outside his house, as it was a Sunday and he had decided to take rest from selling and hawking wares. So, on seeing his dad sleeping inside the house, the boy (wares seller’s son) started pushing the cart to the empty playground. Before he had started pushing the cart, he had whistled to all his friends to come and join him in his adventure. Soon enough, his friends came and the friends of his friends also came. They all started pushing the cart and it went ahead in a rapid speed.

Like small chipmunks one by one they all got up on the cart till the cart was choc a block with them and those who couldn’t get up on the cart, were pushing it. First they went around the playground in a circle and they all were enjoying it a lot.

But after two rounds they became tired and halted the cart. The boys who couldn’t get on the cart before, now jumped onto it, as their friends who were enjoying the ride had got down now and it was their turn to push the cart.

Again they pushed the cart in a circle and did two rounds in a circle. Quickly, they became exhausted and stopped for a drinks break.

In the meanwhile, the boy’s mother was searching for her son and when she came to the playground, she was shocked to see her son riding their father’s cart with his friends. She immediately shouted at him to come back home at that instant with the cart. The boy, seeing his mother standing on the playground, got down from the cart and started pushing it towards a sloppy area. On seeing such an action from her son, his mother became furious and with rapid paces went straight towards the cart. On seeing his mother come towards him rapidly, he went running to his mother and hugged her tightly and said – “sorry ma.” He signaled his friends to bring his father’s cart towards his home and all his friends and their friends were upset, that they had to give up their free ride, but with happy faces, they all bought cart to his home and said-“thank you aunty.”

The mother to her son-“Wait till I tell your daddy.Then you see what happens.”

The boy-“No, no, ma don’t tell daddy, I will complete my homework right now.”

His mother-“What about learning the chapters?”

The boy-“Right now, ma.”

His mother-“First, go and have your bath and then immediately sit down to study.”

The boy-“Yes, ma.”

His mother went to the kitchen to cook the lunch and the boy went straight away to have his bath.

That day, he sure did study as his father was home.



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