Lemon Mojito.

Lemon mojito is a refreshing drink, which freshens up the mood, makes you forget the pain, keeps you happy and revitalizes the body.

To make a glass of lemon mojito, the following things are needed:-

*Fresh lime juice.

*Pudina leaves (3-4).

*Basil leaves (3-4).

*Crushed ice.

*Your favourite lemon flavoured cold drink (Two hundred ml).

*A bit of salt.

* One table spoon sugar.

*One lemon (preferably green).

*Two ice cubes.

1.Take a mocktail glass

2. Add the crushed ice.

3.Add the pudina leaves.

4.Add the basil leaves.

5.Add the bit of salt.

6.Add one tablespoon sugar.

7.Add the fresh lime juice into.

8.Pour nearly two hundred ml of your favourite cold drinks.There are many types of lemon flavoured cold drinks available in the market. They are the best ingredients to make lemon mojito with. If you add any other cold drink, the taste of the lemon will get subdued by the flavour of the cold drink and soda is not preferable here, as many times soda simply diminishes the drink.

9. Cut the lemon into pieces, and squeeze them into the glass.

10.Now give your drink a stir.

11.Add two ice cubes into it.

12.If you want to decorate the glass, you can put a slice of an orange on the glass rim. It’s a style followed by internal restaurants. So, when you make such drinks at home, you get the feeling of dining at a top notch restaurant.

Enjoy and be happy.

Buen Appetit!


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