The Song Of Life.

This new born baby is the joy and love of his/her parents. Within him/her they can see themselves.He/she is a miniature version of his/her parents with his/her own individuality.

Life is a very precious gift, which mustn’t be given away at any cost.

I was very grumpy. I ate two plates of panipuri and then again could not control myself and asked the sandwich vendor to give me the sandwiches of my choice.

The junk in my stomach was not melting and not even a single burp was coming out.

Ma was also unhappy to see me like that. We went to the mall and proceeded towards the gaming zone. I love to watch children playing in the rides. We could not stand there for long and came out of the mall.

We stepped out from the exit door and were coming down the steps, when a number of collegians entered the mall, most probably they had bunked college. We ignored them.

Ma told me that we would walk the distance till home and my stomach would be easy. An old man, little bent, holding a stick and limping at each step was walking ahead of us.

We crossed the brackish water stretch. Metro work is going on over there.

Crossed the road through the space given for all. Ma asked me to walk slowly as the man was ahead of us and seemed feeble. He crossed and we too crossed. A person helped him also. He sat on the footpath at the junction of our lane just to the right, spread a plastic sheet. His dhoti had turned slight grey to black and his kurta was torn in three places and patch work was done on too.

While sitting cried in a wonderful, heavy tune from his heart without scratches “Radhe- O Jagdish” (the consort and her lord). His voice was extremely melodious , perfect in sur and taal.It was a crystal-clear voice. He could have beaten any champion of any reality T.V. show.

Both of us were stunned and understood that he earns by singing.

We went near him.Mother gave him ten rupees and I requested him to sing the same song.

He looked at me quizzically and asked-“You want to hear this same song from me or some other song?”

I replied-“No, I want to hear this particular song from you.”

He-“Are you sure?”

I-“Yes, uncle”.

His face was tired.

He closed his eyes and two lines from a Krishna bhajan came out from his heart.It was –“Lord, please forgive me that I cannot see you though you are forever mine”.

He stopped singing. I can tell you that, his voice is unique, superb and realized beyond life and death. His voice pierced our heart and overcoming with emotions, Ma and me, both of us were in tears.

Few passer-by’s too had stopped on their way, to hear him sing. His voice was a rare voice. Such rare voices can never ever be measured nor are they awarded on Earth.

While tears splashed from my eyes, many questions were aroused in my mind. They were:-

1.Where did he learn to sing so beautifully?

2.Was he a singer? A trained or a professional singer once upon a time?

3.How come with such a beautiful and rare voice, he was sitting near a nullah on a plastic sheet with the sky as his covering?

But I couldn’t ask him those questions. The questions remained inside my mouth. I felt that he was a huge personality and that gap between him and me was very big.

I gave him ten bucks and asked him “Uncle will you have something?”

He accepted the ten rupees with a namaskar and replied-“Tea”.

Still the questions pounced my heart and yet I controlled myself. That old man was an extremely talented musician and definitely he had some connection with the music world/industry. Seeing him there, it simply didn’t feel right.

I crossed the side lane and brought tea for him. His face glowed.

Wittily he looked to us and told-“I take care of my voice and throat.”

God, let me hear from him, let him sing many more songs for many, many more days.

The song of life is like a flowing river, like the sweet melodious tune of a bird. The song can be easy, it can be hard and it can be neither easy nor hard. That’s how the song of life goes. Once it starts, it doesn’t stop. Like the musician, it too has kept on flowing. He has lost his everything, but his music is with him. Be with you and within you.You are you.

The average life span of a tortoise is more than 200 years, yet they don’t change. Even their pace remains the same.

“The you” who resides in you is like a rose. Just as a rose can’t smell and look like lily or jasmine and in the same way, your self can’t change. Hold on to it and see the truth of life flowing within it.

My stomach trouble was gone.



Running For a Kite.

A kite was bobbling up and down in the air when a small boy aged about seven years noticed it and started pursuing it. The kite was free. Its string had been freed and was flowing where ever the wind took it. It flew and flew and when the boy became tired he stopped chasing it.

He felt sad that could not catch the kite. Slowly he walked back to his home and as he was entering his house, his mother asked him-“wherefrom is that kite attached to your shoe?” He replied-“which kite are you talking about ma?” His mother-“the one which is dangling with your shoe.”

He turned back to see that indeed the string of the kite which he was chasing had somehow got attached to his right shoe and the kite was fluttering in the wind at the back.

The boy kept on looking at the string and the kite in great astonishment as he didn’t know how could the string have got attached to his shoes.It was a big mystery for him and when he was chasing it, the kite had flown very far away. He pondered over throughout the day, asking his mother-“ma how could the kite’s string got attached or stuck with my shoes? It had flown away when I had last chased it.”

His mother replied-“Maybe the wind gifted it to you.”

The boy-“Yes, ma even I feel so, that the wind is my friend.”

Feeling very happy he rushed and hugged his mother and at night he slept with the kite under his pillow.



Dreams of Green Meadows by the River.

clouds daylight forest grass

Standing on a lush green meadow and taking in the cool breeze while watching the river as it gushes by is a unique and wonderful experience.  There are very few places on earth where you will find a green meadow beside a river.  I wished that we had gone over to such a place and had picnic over there with sandwiches, tea and jellies.

Cricket, badminton, football or kite flying is best played on such a green meadow.

It best to roll down, down and down on the green grass of the meadow, so that the back gets a good rub over. A meadow’s green lush texture is very much soothing to the eyes. The smell of the morning  air and of the morning dew is something which is so raw and to that extent fresh is excellent. When one inhales the fresh morning air and the smell of the dew on the grass, there is nothing more beautiful, exciting and prosperous than it.


It comes in my dream and I hope that such a wonderful dream must come true.

The sky seems reachable when you reach it from a meadow. As you lie down on the green grass and look at the shining night stars and think about your dreams and ambitions, it feels as if the stars are listening to your thoughts and who knows they might even help you realize it or even they may have the same hopes and aspirations. There is a reason why stars come down on earth. It isn’t to peel peanuts or maybe to peel peanuts. Who knows? Human mind is more crazier than any overrated singer or artist. It is better to spend a hundred dollars on a nice lunch buffet with the family rather than wasting it after a rock concert or on something which is just puff and poof like emotions.

Sai Baba 1

The best adventure that one can have while visiting the meadow, is by carrying a football. If you have a football with you, then you can enjoy playing it very much, as the ground is limitless and as and where ever you wish you can place the goal post and the match can go on from morning till evening. If a football rolls down and falls in the river, then be sure that it will float but to retrieve it, is a very much tedious work. A long stick is needed to found and with best of luck, the stick must reach the ball, so that you can coax and glide the ball towards the river bank  on which you are standing. Many a times, the ball remain irretrievable and it floats away with the river current. Sometimes, children tend to kick the ball so hard, that it falls with a splash in the river and is never seen again.  Miraculously, the ball sometimes comes back at the river bank to your side and it feels as if there is nothing more beautiful and wonderful than getting back a nearly lost football.

time lapse photography of waterfalls during sunset

The river which gushes by the meadows, also stays in wait, that when will someone come and play with its waters? Children often go near the river and splash water on their faces and hands and with good luck they try to catch fishes. Sometimes, while playing football, hands and legs get dirty by playing barefooted football. The cool river water washes away all dirt and gives a soothing effect on the skin. It feels as if nature itself is healing all your pains and giving you immense relief.

Sai Baba


Trees are another part of meadows. Tall trees are rare on meadows, but once you find one, you can take shelter under it, can talk to it and can play hide and seek by hiding behind the tree. Touch and go or touch and hide are another few games which can be played with trees. A game of ludo is very much enjoyed and loved under a shaded tree.

A house which is located on a huge, green and widespread meadow, has a large, big tree near it, located on the meadow. The tree is the sign of good luck and ambience for that place. Trees often form the center point for meadows. Children make it a base for their adventures. I had previously written a post on the tree– A Green Tree.

Families love, enjoy and feel blissful when they picnic and spend a whole day on a meadow and it is the best gift which can ever be given to a person for there is nothing more rewarding than nature besotted with family love.


Rare is such a dream where one gets to visit a meadow. But if you do, be sure to relish and enjoy it.

Dreams should and must be wonderful, wherein people get relief from stress. Fairyland dreams are always the best.

grayscale photo of man holding baby




The Kite Competition Continued……………

Sai Baba 1

The three friends who took part in the kite flying competition met once again as planned. They were  wearing their sunglasses and had brought fresh kites with them ( I had written the post about it yesterday – Three Competing Kites.). They came at about nine O’ clock in the morning, after finishing their breakfast. They went to the three different ends of the playground and started flying their kites. For half an hour all that they did was spend their energy trying to get the kites high up in the air and the wind was against them.

Sai Baba

They were nearly exasperated when, there was a sudden change in the direction of the  wind flow and immediately, the kites started going higher and then again. It was a tough fight with the wind to control their kites. In the meanwhile, four other boys came into the playground bringing their kites with them. Soon there were seven kites flying in the sky and more people came and started cheering them.


After five minutes or so, one of the original contestants of the competition brought down the kite of one of the boys who had joined later. This act bought a new level of rivalry in the two groups of boys and with more cheering from the crowds, they became more aggressive in their attitudes and were beginning to quarrel, when three elder men from the locality started flying kites. Soon many more people started crowding in the playground and like bees attracted to honey, vendors with their wares and goods came their and started hawking their products.

Diwali 4

The kite competition went on for more than forty five minutes, when at last there were only two participants remaining. One of them an elder and the second one a small boy.

In the bravely fought kite competition, the boy won the match fair and square as the elder was spending most of his time scratching his bald head and the boy meticulously and cleverly brought down that bald man’s kite.

Sai Baba 1

The kite competition turned out to be very enjoyable for the whole locality as everyone whether a champ or a zero had come to watch the match and the boy who won was cheered by everyone and his mother presented him with a big chocolate bar for winning the match. All the neighbourhood aunties had brought delicious dishes for him throughout the day, for he was the hero of the day.




Mothers waiting for the afternoon school to get over.

Mothers waiting for the afternoon school to get over.

The primary school for kids was yet to get over. Tomorrow is a holiday for the kids as it is the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi. So, I suppose the teachers were giving the kids a bit of extra homework, like mothers who give a bit of extra jam in their child’s tiffin box. Only in the case of the teachers giving extra HW, kids would have to do maybe a total of ten extra sums to make their teachers happy.

The school bell hadn’t rung though it was five past four. The school timings were upto four thirty pm in the evening. That day the school was supposed to get over by four. This information had been relayed to the parents and the bus personnel the day before. So, the mothers had started worrying and within the next few two or three minutes the school bell rang and the kids came running into their respective mothers arms.

The bell man whose duty was to set the bell on, had apparently dozed off after eating a sumptuous lunch at the school. That day his wife had packed two extra aloo ke paratha in his tiffin box. Now aloo ke paratha(paratha) are generally very heavy to eat if they are stuffed with a good amount of aloo. He was dreaming that he had won the lottery to go on a romantic trip to Switzerland when the school’s principal was loudly calling out his name. When he woke up, he saw that he was drooling on his uniform and his boss was standing right in front of him. The principal was about to shout at him, but he controlled his anger and instead reminded him that it was five past four and that he should have rang the bell by now. The bell man apologized to the principal and he rang the school bell. Initially the principal was very angry with the bell man, as the principal himself was in a hurry to go home and so that he could take his family out for an outing. But when the bell man apologized and told him that it won’t happen again, the principal forgave him and all went home happy.