Sweet Biryani Rice made with Apple Cider and Pineapple Syrup.

Ma had made plain biryani rice without any chicken or mutton.The simple yet delicious biryani rice ,flavoured with garam masala ie. cardamom, cinnamon and cloves and saffron threads is what she had made. It tasted simply wonderfull. Even if you have it without any curry or sides, it is plentiful to fill your appetite and taste buds. Sometimes she makes sweet biryani well for me, as I cannot digest the hot and spicyness of the tasty and tangy biryani due to dieting. So, while she was cooking the rice, I asked her to make the biryani rice sweet. You wouldn’t believe it. Like a magician ma wipped out two bottles of apple cider and pineapple syrups and in small quantities she added then to the rice. When I was about to eat the rice, I was skeptical. But as soon as I placed a mouthfull of it in my mouth, it tasted simply marvellous.As they both were added in lesser quantities, the sweetness was not over powering the other masalas which she had added and the cashews and the raisins were simply too much for me. I was over joyed.While chewing on a raisin, I wondered that; in heaven do they have such good food? As the food which I was eating was simply no lesser than any angelic food. I am sure that the angels would even que up in a line to have Ma’s food.But Alas! they can’t. That’s why GOD has made humans.Atleast we can have and enjoy good food. Who knows? One or two of them, might have eaten with me.

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