The Celtic – Irish Myths and Gifts.

My father many days back had the opportunity to meet some people from Ireland. When he had gone to meet them, I hadn’t known that he would come back with a special Celtic gift. At ten o’ clock when he came back home, he handed me a small gift box. After we had finished having our dinner, baba asked me to open the box. I was very surprised when I found out that it contained an authentic Celtic- Irish Charm, which was from Ireland.

Now, here’s where it connects with me. From my childhood, I have read many Celtic folklore, legends, myths and mythologies. I am big fan of it. After reading a particular series of books, completely based on Celtic myths, I told ma,”Ma we should visit Ireland. It’s the place for me.” Ma-“Yes for two nights and three days, because if we stay for more there, then we would not be able to afford it.” It brought me back to ground reality that-yes travelling to Ireland would cost a lot.So, I dropped the idea and instead started observing the charm. There was a booklet with it and I read the booklet. I felt as if I was a part of the Celtic myths or the myths were playing with me. All those characters whom I had read about or seen in those colourful (colouring) folklore books, had nearly came alive.After a while,I kept the charm safely on the shelf and was very proud to have a Celtic-Irish myth charm with me. After all a legend is a legend.Ma had bought many Irish fairy stories and I have a friend who had given me a fairy colouring book and she used to live for sometime in Ireland.I remembered her and I dedicate this post to ma, baba and her.

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