Dates-(Palm) juice in Early Winter and Chilly Mornings.

People have always been inventive. They have invented this and that and whatnot. The scopes are unlimited. Now, a fellow who used to sell coconut water has opened a side business of selling dates juice, early in the morning.

One morning just a few days back, it was such a chilly morning that I wouldn’t have ventured out even if someone had paid me a lot of dough. Be it real or not. Going out on a chilly morning where the temperatures are playing king, that’s the time when you stay in bed under the soft and cozy covers or get up and have cups of coffee or tea and go back to sleep. God has made winter mornings for that only.

The coconut seller thought it would be good idea to sell this dates juice to everyone at six am.

The dates juice is extracted from the palm tree early in the morning.

So, even before Sun was visible to night itself, he had started shrieking-“juice, juice dates (palm) juice” on the main street. When that ruse didn’t work, he started coming to each and everyone’s house and gave each of them a sample of the juice. Believe it or not, within a short time, he had built a reputable clientele. Some, would even brave the cold and have it then and there on the street at five thirty am.

After a few days, I met him and asked-“when you sell the juice so early in the morning don’t you feel cold? How do you stand here early in the morning, in such a temperature?”

He replied-“No, I am from Hardwar, there the cold is at a much colder degree. The cold here is like a boon for me. More client and more business.”

I replied-“Good for you.”

For a week we had the dates juice daily in the morning. Good for health. Then as the seller went to his home town for a week, the drinking of plum-raisin juice early in the winter morning is on hold. Hope he comes back soon.




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